How to Get Started Grilling

Get Started Grilling

Check out our guide on how to get started grilling before you fire up the grill to feed the family and friends tonight. Everything from the basics of what you need to know about grilling to how to get the most out of your barbecue can be learned here. Try some of the best BBQ from across the world without breaking the bank.

Our complete guide is here so you can get started grilling!

Equipment Needed

Of course, a grill is required in order to prepare our meat. There are several types and price ranges for you to choose from. In addition, grills come in a range of shapes and sizes. Among the most popular types of grills include Barbecue grills that use charcoal, propane grills, electric grills and smokers. You should pick the grill based upon your needs and personal taste preferences.

No matter what kind of grill you buy, make sure it’s big enough for what you intend to cook. Varying grills require different amounts of space, so this will vary from grill to grill. You can find details and reviews on a variety of sites to help find the perfect grill. Newby’s Memphis, for example, has a wealth of information on grilling and smoking.

In addition to a grill, you’ll need the following items including Consumption of energy (Propane Tank, Charcoal or Wood), Barbecue Seasonings & Sauces, Brushes for cooking on a grill, Hand protection for grilling, Meats of Outstanding Quality.

Basics to Get Started Grilling

Now that we have our supplies it is time to get started grilling! For a charcoal grill, here’s how to do it:

1. Put one-third of a tank of charcoal (also known as briquettes) or wood bits into each of the grill belly.

2. Light the charcoal and let the briquettes warm for around 30 minutes on average. If your fire is little or spread out over numerous coals, you may need more.

3. Keep your heat on medium and wait 30–60 minutes for the grill to reach temperature.

4. As you lay your meal on the grill, lightly sprinkle it with a half-full spray bottle of water to keep it moist and enhance the browning process.

5. Toward the end of the cooking period, sprinkle your food with water again. As it cooks, it will keep itself wet and develop a lovely glaze.

6. About half way during the cooking period, add extra embers or wood bits. Leaving food for too long on the grill will burn rather than providing the desired bbq taste.

Tips and Tracks for Grilling

We’ve compiled a list of helpful BBQ tips and tricks below to help you get started.

Grilling should be done the night before or early in the morning so that it can rest for a while before cooking. Allow the coals and the grill to heat up so that you may cook your food to perfection. If you wait until the last minute to start your barbecue, you may not be able to cook your food properly.

Make sure you know how to select the best cut of meat possible. When it comes to the taste of your food, this can make a major effect If you use a poor quality or a less tasty cut, for example, it will be flavorless. Furthermore, certain cuts of meat are better suited to smoking than to grilling.

Reflective foil can be used to keep the heat in a high-heat barbeque grill. In addition, this will help you minimize flare-ups and speed up the time it takes to cook food.

Before starting to grill, prep your meat with Spices and Seasonings to add more flavor.

Don’t forget to provide enough time for the barbecue to cook. If the weather is bad or you chopped up a difficult piece of meat and didn’t give it enough time to cook, it may take longer.

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A common blunder is to attempt to cook sweet foods like chicken at an excessively high temperature. A burnt flavor, dryness, or toughness can result from overcooking or tossing them in too early.

During foil is excellent for preventing flare-ups and keeping food wet while grilling, it is less effective at maintaining heat. The meal will dry out, become chilly, and lose its flavor if you take too much out of the oven at once.

Use a thermometer while grilling to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection. A hamburger should be cooked to 140F for medium rare, for example.

You should keep a tight eye on your food as it cooks to avoid overcooking any of the components, especially veggies. You don’t want them to turn out bland or charred if you overcook them too much.

For the best BBQ, add wood chunks. Because of the smoky flavor and heat, the meat or veggies will taste better.


Grilling is now a simple matter of remembering these simple steps and getting your grill going. To improve your grilling skills, try out different kinds of meat and cooking methods. Get a taste of something new while you’re at it. Writing down your grilling recipes is also a smart idea, so you’ll be ready when it’s time to cook again.

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