How to Gain your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

How to Gain your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

Instagram is among the top social media platforms today with a 40% use rate in US adults. It’s a platform worth your time and energy into however, growing your following isn’t easy. Here are 10 suggestions for getting the first 1,000 followers you can get on Instagram.

Instagram remains one of the most effective platforms to grow an audience. It has over 1 billion users across the globe and 71 percent of US companies use Instagram as a social network. Did you realize that Instagram is able to generate over four-times the number of interactions as compared to Facebook? It’s no surprise that Instagram can be the spot to be for budding entrepreneurs and content creators.

It’s not difficult to find strategies when you search for ways to increase the number of Instagram followers. However, these tips are primarily for larger accounts. They’re more difficult when you have only few hundred followers. In the first 1,000 users on any platform is typically the most difficult part, as users are less likely to pay attention to smaller accounts.

We’ve put together 14 ways for how to gain the 1000th follower on Instagram. Let’s dive in!

  • Your Instagram bio count
  • Connect to your network
  • Find your audience
  • Find your voice and voice as a “brand’
  • Post engaging content
  • Make sure you write appealing captions that are shareable! (This was prior to point 5).)

1. Create your Instagram bio count

Your bio will serve as your first introduction to potential followers. When you tweak it, you’ll be able select your ideal followers. If they are satisfied with the content and are interested, they’ll likely click that follow button.

What are the key aspects you’d like to highlight in this section? Consider it as your 150-character pitch. Keep in mind that your username and name can be searched but the rest of your bio isn’t.

Here are some biographical elements that could help you attract fans:

  • A modern, high-quality, sleek image of the profile.
  • A call-to-action (a hashtag that you can click to share an image, a hyperlink that you can follow or a contact information.)
  • It’s a snappy copy that makes you feel like that it’s written by an actual person (not an automated system.)

2. Connect to your network

As we’ve mentioned before, getting the first 100 followers is typically the most difficult part of building an audience on social media. Why not begin by following your family, friends’ colleagues, friends, and basically everybody you know? They’ll probably follow you back and perhaps will recommend you to their acquaintances. Review your contact and Facebook lists to ensure that you’ve used all of your connections.

3. Find your audience

When you first sign up for your account, make sure you define your ideal customer to yourself. Note down what do you think your ideal avatar for customers appear like? Who are they following and what are they commenting on, and what’s what makes them tick? Also, search for other accounts which are geared their content towards the target people you mentioned earlier.

If, for instance, you’re a travel-related vlogger look for accounts with a travel theme and travel vlogger that meet your criteria for audience. Look for accounts and creators who post frequently and have high participation from their posts.

The idea now is to use their accounts and their audiences. Post comments to their blogs. Be sure to follow them on twitter. Follow their followers and engage with them. Engage! You must grab your target audience’s attention and create an emotional connection before they are willing to follow you and interact in your posts.

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4. Find your voice as a brand’

It might sound a little corporate however, if you’re looking to grow to 1,000 Instagram fans, you must to consider yourself an established brand. This doesn’t mean that you have to be serious about it but it is important to consider using your Instagram account to be a shop front website, landing page, or customer service line for the brand you love.

“Tone” is the term some people employ, but ultimately, it’s all about your brand’s image. The manner you write captions, comments and captions should follow a logical progression, so you’re not speaking in the language of text on one post and using ye-old English one day and then ye old English the next. Each brand’s voice is unique but a straightforward informal, semi-casual style is the best starting point when you’re trying to get an increase in Instagram followers.

This is also true for your visual cues as well. It’s helpful stylistically when you have a constant “thing” that is yours. It’s fine to create a personal Instagram account that has random photos and videos. However, if you’re trying to increase your following beyond your family, friends, and colleagues, you’ll have to organize your content to make it look unique to personal to you.

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  1. Create captions that are engaging, shareable and memorable.

Writing an engaging caption is a skill. From humorous questions to interesting facts, making captions work can stimulate engagement for your Instagram posts. It will also allow your followers meet your personality. Emojis, calls-to-action and hilarious descriptions are all tried and tested captions that can assist you in gaining more Instagram followers.

Engaging with your current audience is essential to increase the number of Instagram followers. Create a simple open-ended, question in your post. You can also use polls or question stickers to stimulate conversation in your Stories.

Be aware that each comment can be an opportunity to get the attention of a new follower, or to keep one you already have So, you must respond to each feedback you get. You can make your followers friends and it will be worth it.

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6. Content that is designed to increase engagement

Not only do you need to create strong captions, but also the content itself is also crucial. Instagram is designed to be a place for people to view things certainly. However, when people attempt to get 1,000 followers, enticing existing as well as potential followers to share, like comments, vote, and like on items creates the sense of community regardless of how little the number of followers actually are.

Here are some examples of captions and posts that you can make use of to gain an increase in Instagram followers:

  • Posts based on questions
  • Recommendations or suggestions
  • Funny or personal stories
  • Tag-a-friend-posts
  • AMI (ask me any question) posts
  • Jump to a new trend
  • Upload a ‘before’ as well as after’
  • Share behind-the-scenes content
  • Host a contest


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