How to fix the “not printing” error in the HP printer?

HP is a top hardware manufacturing company known for PCs, laptops, and other gadgets. This company also manufactures printers and copier machines. HP devices are robust and available at very budget-friendly costs. These gadgets have a simple interface and are compatible with other peripheral devices. HP printers are reliable and available in various sizes. These printers are easy to use but sometimes you may get printing issues with your HP device. 


Reasons behind HP printer is not printing issues

  1. HP printer is not connected
  2. Some printer files are not working 
  3. The printer can’t find the HP printer driver
  4. HP printer services are not working
  5. The printer fuser is damaged
  6. Printhead is clogged
  7. Invalid HP printer settings
  8. HP printer can’t connect to the network


Troubleshooting HP printer is not printing issues


Reconnect the HP printer

If the printer is not printing then check for the printer connection immediately. Sometimes the printer connection gets interrupted and you have to reconnect it. Disconnect the printer from your PC. In a wired connection, eject your cable. Check the cable for any kinks or damage. If the cable is not working, replace it with a new high-speed printer cable. For a wireless connection, check the Wi-Fi connection on both devices. Restart Wi-Fi on PC and printer. On PC, open the Devices folder and click on Printers & Scanners. Select Add Device option and you will see a list of available devices. Your PC will search for all available devices. Choose the HP printer from the list and click on the OK button. After the printer connection, the HP printer will start printing.

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Inspect your router 

If your HP printer is not working on the network, check the WPS pin for HP printer. On the router, ensure that WPS is working correctly. Restart the WPS pin on the router and the Wi-Fi button on the printer. The Blue Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking until it finds the network. After connection, the printer lamp will become steady. Your printer network connection can also get interrupted due to a firewall. When the network is firewall secured, it checks all the incoming and outgoing traffic. Your firewall also inspects all connection requests on the network. If you try to connect the HP printer for the first time, the firewall may block the connection request. To connect the printer, disable the firewall temporarily and then try to reconnect it. 


Run a printer troubleshooter 

You can get printing issues when some printer files are not working. To fix those files, you can run a printer troubleshooter. On the computer, search for troubleshooting tools. Run a printer troubleshooter tool and wait. This utility tool will inspect all printer files and repair the corrupted ones. After running the tool, send a new print command and take the printouts.


Inspect for HP printer driver

Your HP printer needs a driver to communicate with the commanding device (PC/phone). If you are using HP PCs or laptops, you don’t need the driver. But if you are using an HP printer on other devices, you have to install a driver. Go to the PC and check for the HP printer driver. If you don’t have a driver, install it immediately. Use the driver CD or download the driver from the HP printer website. While downloading the printer setup, check the printer model and OS of your device. Download the correct driver for the printer. Install it and then reconnect the printer. If you have a driver then check for the updates. Install the latest update of your HP printer and then check for errors.

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Restart the HP printer

If the printer is not working due to any runtime error then restarting will fix it. Sometimes, the HP printer services may stop working. A simple restart may not restart the services. You should try a power restart. When the printer is ON, remove its power cord. Wait for some time and reconnect the cable. Now reconnect the cable and services will run from the beginning. Connect the printer to your computer and try to take the printouts.


Check the fuser of your HP printer

The printer fuser fuses the ink with the paper using pressure and heat. When the user takes lots of printouts simultaneously, the fuser may get overheated. Check the fuser of your device; if the fuser is overheated then shut down the printer. Wait until it cools down and then restart the printer. If the printer fuser is burnt out, replace it and then use your HP printer.


Clean the printhead 

Printhead often gets clogged with dry ink. You have to clean the printheads of your device regularly. If the printhead is clogged, you will get poor printouts or the printer may stop working. Go to the printer and use the printhead cleaning utility tool. It may have to run the tool 3-4 times. Now try to take your printouts. You can also clean the printhead manually. Take out the printhead and clean it with a cloth and a few drops of cleanser. After cleaning, wait until the printhead dries and reinstall it correctly. 



Reset HP printer settings

The printer shows an error if the settings are invalid. Sometimes, the user may make some invalid changes on the printer. To fix the error, undo those changes. Go to your HP printer and check the settings. If you remember the settings, undo them manually. But the user often forgets inbuilt printer settings. To repair the printer settings, use the reset tool. Go to HP printer settings and click on the Reset option. Select Reset All option and the printer will be set to factory settings. After resetting the printer, you have to reconfigure it on your computer. Add the HP printer to your computer and then try to take your printouts.


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