How to Fit Your Entire Life Inside a Tote Bag

Tote Bag

It’s time for a tote intervention! If your tote bag is anything like a bottomless pit of junk that you have to dig through every time you need to find something. Do you need a bag for the gym? A bag for work? A bag for errands? A bag for travel? Embrace the joy of having a different tote bag for every experience. Your life will be infinitely easier (and more organized) when you do.  

There’s nothing that you can’t find in a woman’s bag. Hence, they need a bag that fits all of those necessary items – which is where the tote bag comes in! An all-time favorite fashion accessory for women, the tote bag is perfect for almost any occasion, whether it’s a regular day at work or lunch with friends. Furthermore, the best part is you will find a wide variety of tote bags nz available on the market and you can make your decision to select the best blend with your needs and style.   

A weekend at home is exactly what you need to cure your Les Miserables fever. And even though your little brother has taken over your bedroom and turned it into a Lego fort, and your parents forgot to tell you about the neighborhood watch meeting happening in the living room, being away from campus has never felt so sweet. The best part is that you can pack light for your weekend away since all of your old favorites are waiting for you at home. 

  • Pack Up Your Class Essentials 

It can be hard to keep that YOLO (You Only Live Once) vibe when your weeks look like a class- all day, every day the same. Fight the lame by packing your bag with reminders of how cool you are and choosing supplies in punchy colors of tote bags that make you happy. And never forget to throw in your headphones so you can blare that new Frank Ocean album while you power walk to Political Science. 

  • Going Out Clubbing or Sunday Brunches  

A night out isn’t complete until you’re belting out the lyrics to every song that comes on. Be prepared for a fun night by packing a few essentials in your bag, like a retro disposable camera, some fun accessories for a potential mid-evening costume change, and a tongue-in-cheek flask. The tote bags also make great makeup bags in case you need to give someone a ten-minute cab ride makeover. 

  • While Travelling Abroad 

A travel tote bag is essential for any trip – whether you’re studying abroad or taking the spring-break trip of a lifetime or even going on business trips. It’s comforting to know you’ve got all your essentials close by, and it frees up your hands to carry other things like maps or souvenirs. Plus, it’s the perfect place to store sunscreen and snacks for when you get peckish.  

Well, shedding some light on the history of tote bags. The origins of the word “tote” are American, though its precise origins are not known. The word likely came from West Africa, from a variant of “tota” – to pick up – in Kikongo or “tuta” – to carry in Swahili. It is thought that slaves brought the word to the American South. 

The first appearance of the term “tote bag” can be traced back to 1676, when it was used as a verb meaning “to carry as a burden or load, especially supplies to or from a logging camp.” Washington Irving, author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” uses the term in its first printed example in 1807. Since the proliferation of tote bag designs, they have been increasingly used as replacements for disposable plastic bags – especially when supermarkets began phasing out the latter in the 21st century.  

The Bottom Line! 

Novo Shoes offers a vast collection of tote bags NZ in different sizes, styles, and materials so that it is a perfect pick for women of every age- group. They look classic and versatile and can be carried with many outfits to several occasions such as shopping, office, casual brunch, and many more. Check out their website to know more.  

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