How to Effectively Prevent Blockages in Drainage System?

How to Effectively Prevent Blockages in Drainage System?

Every year, many commercial and residential property owners face various problems because of blocked drains. Food waste, solid waste, paper products, oil, grease, pet dander and much more go inside the drain pipes and clog them. Blocked drains Canberra could lead to health hazards and property damage. 

But, what could be done about the blocked drains? You could hire specialists for intense drain cleaning. Along with booking professional flood repair Canberra service, you could follow these tips for preventing blockages in the sewage system: 

  • Use Drain Guards 

In kitchens, bathrooms and gardens, you could install a guard on the drains. It helps in filtering out the water at an initial stage. Food waste, pet dander, diapers and many other things could be stopped by the guards. You just have to pick up the waste from the guards regularly to ensure proper elimination of water. 

  • Don’t Let the Pipes Freeze

Do you know the water pipes could freeze in the winter season? The ice in the pipes leads to the expansion of pipes. High pressure in the pipe could lead to bursting. So, you should take some measures to prevent the freezing of pipes. The ice not only increases the damage but also blocks the path of water. 

The blocked drain specialists suggest using the heating system for pipes in the winter season. You could also use sponge covers to insulate the water tank and pipes. If you are able to maintain the correct temperature, then you would prevent the drain blockages safely. 

  • Keep the Premises Clean 

The leaves falling from the trees and the debris from a newly-constructed building could make your garden dirty. Similarly, pet hairs, dust particles and food particles could make the house unclean. These unwanted particles in the premised could go into drains during heavy rainfall and flooding. So, it is important to keep the surroundings clean. 

When you don’t keep the surroundings clean, the drains get blocked. The sewage water comes in the upward direction. Only sewage cleaning Canberra experts could control the damage done by water. 

  • Don’t Flush Non-Toilet Paper Products 

The sewer lines mainly get blocked when something other than tissue paper is flushed in the toilet. Toilet paper is made up of a material that could be broken down by the water. It would not impact the flow of water in the pipes. But, sanitary pads or shampoo sachets could block the pipes. So, you have to be careful about the disposal of products.

  • Use Mechanical and Chemical Drain Cleaning Methods 

To prevent blocked drains Canberra, you must ensure regular cleaning of drains. At home, you could use various mechanical tools like rods and snakes to eliminate the blockages from the drain pipes. 

Apart from mechanical methods, chemical and enzyme cleaners could also be utilised for breaking down the waste in the pipes. You could make it a habit to clean the drains frequently in order to prevent serious blockages. 

  • Look for Signs of Blockages 

Some signs indicate the existence of blockages in the water pipelines. Firstly, the decayed waste releases a horrible smell. Secondly, the speed of water removal would reduce. Next, the sewage pipes would corrode or break in certain places. If you have noticed any of these signs, you should hire blocked drain specialists. With regular and intense inspections, you would be able to prevent blockages at an initial stage. 

  • Pour Hot Water 

After every few days, you could pour hot water into the drains. The heat would dissolve the waste stuck in the pipes and allow the water to pass easily into the drains. It is a simple method that could prevent blockages with ease. 


Blocked drains could lead to flooding. Because of sewage backups, you could get exposed to different kinds of toxins and germs. The above-given tips are easy-to-follow and could be used for preventing drain blockages. If you feel that drains are already blocked, then you could seek help from sewage cleaning Canberra experts. They would make things easier for you!


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