How to Deal with Sewage Backup at Home?

sewage leak

A Sewage backup is an emergency situation where the dirty water from the sewer lines comes in the upwards direction and ruins everything on the property. The contaminated water poses serious threats to the structure of the building and the health of the residents. To control the hassle, you could always reach out to sewage cleaning Melbourne experts. They have tools, machines and products that are helpful in cleaning up the mess created by the black sewage water. If you have been facing trouble because of sewage flooding, then the following tips could be beneficial for you. 

Here is What You Should do Immediately after Sewage Flooding

  1. If you have kids or pets at home, then ensure that go to a safe place. They may catch infections and allergies after getting exposed to black sewage water. 
  2. Sometimes, the sewage pipelines burst and the water comes with full force into the house. Due to this, electricity lines and gas pipelines could also get affected. Immediately after flooding, you should contact the dry carpet cleaning Melbourne companies. You could turn off the main lines after taking permission from them. If there are heaters or other appliances in the flood, take them away from there. Unplug all the electronics. 
  3. You could open windows and doors. Proper ventilation would allow proper circulation of air and sunlight. The water evaporation procedure would speed up because of this tip. 
  4. If your important documents have become wet because of water, then keep them in a freezer. You might save them from mould. 
  5. If the quantity of water is not too much and you could remove it within a few hours, then you could add chlorine bleach to the water. The germs and pathogens in the black water would die because of the disinfectant solvent. 
  6. Don’t forget to take pictures of the flooded areas. Before the sewage leak clean up experts Melbourne arrive at your home, you could take photos of the damaged furniture, floor, walls and other objects. These pictures would be helpful in claiming the insurance. 
  7. Some things could be recovered after drying. So, don’t delay. Immediately wear your safety gear and keep the things outside the house. 

Sewage Leak Clean up Melbourne Process

If your home has recently faced sewage water flooding, then you should be careful while cleaning up the filth. The black water is considered hazardous to health. It contains dangerous germs, chemicals, etc.

 The steps given below could be useful in cleaning the sewage: 

  • Make sure that your skin does not come in contact with water. The risk of skin infections increases because of black water. You could water water-proof gloves, boots and clothes before entering the flooded room. 
  • The excessive sewage water should be removed quickly. You could use a sump pump to extract the water from the room. 
  • Once the water is eliminated, you could remove the debris and leftover dirt. Wet vacuum cleaners, shovels and many other tools could be used to remove the sewage.
  • Throw away every damaged object from the room. From food products to completely tattered products, you could dispose them of in plastic bags. 
  • In sewage cleaning Melbourne, you should make the product selection carefully. Only safe and biodegradable cleaning products must be used for cleaning walls, carpets, floors, furniture, etc. Water stains and mould infestation must be treated with specialised techniques and products. 
  • After wrapping up the sewage leak clean up Melbourne work, you must dry everything. Dryers, blowers and natural air could be used to dry the clean surroundings. 


Looking at the sewage water flowing all around the living room or bathroom could be a nightmare for the house owner. But, the tips that we have mentioned could be helpful in reducing the damage. The cleaning process could be followed for cleaning minor sewage spills. If the sewage flooding is severe and devastating, then you could hire sewage leak clean up experts Melbourne for quick and effective cleaning. 


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