How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Strategy in 2022

Facebook has come a long way. It’s not just a social networking site anymore. Oh no. It’s much more than just a place to watch funny cat videos. It’s a powerful sales channel that deserves just as much attention as Google search ads. It could be your next goldmine and  statistics show that many companies are reaping the profits from it. In 2018, close to 8 in 10 American consumers made product discoveries through Facebook, leading to purchases. 

However, that doesn’t mean every Facebook marketing campaign will be a hit. It all rests on how well you craft a strategic Facebook Ad strategy, and that’s exactly what we’ll be helping you with today. Let’s get started.  

  • Pick your target with Facebook’s Audience Insights tool 

Make your ads unmissable and unignorable by targeting specific audiences and making your ads feel truly personal. If you’re crafting your eCommerce marketing strategy for the first time, you may not have as much data to work with. However, you can use Facebook’s Core Audience feature in this case to your advantage. 

This capability allows you to sift your audience based on the following: 

  • Location: You can focus on ZIP codes, cities, states, or countries. What’s more, you can configure a target radius around a geographical focal point if you please.
  • Connections: Your page already has followers and fans, and you can target those already familiar with your brand for complementary purchases. Alternatively, you can flip the tables, exclude them from your targeting and focus on customer acquisition
  • Behavior: This encompasses purchase patterns, and device usage among other digital habits, that you can filter your targets from. 
  • Interests: Curate targets based on hobbies, passions, and whatever else  puts a spring in their steps.
  • Demographics: You can also group and target your audience based on relationship status, income, age, gender, and other specifics. 

With these targeting capabilities at your disposal, it should be a piece of cake to get your ad in front of the right people. An experienced digital marketing agency for eCommerce can also help you reach new levels of success with more advanced, third-party targeting. 

  • Zero in on repeat business via Facebook Custom Audiences

Now it’s time to turn it up a notch with Facebook Custom Audiences. This is a wide term that engulfs any Facebook user who has: 

  • Made a purchase from you before
  • Commented, liked, or shared your posts/page
  • Stopped by your website
  • Basically, engaged with your brand in one way or the other

Based on this data, Facebook curates audiences that you can target with one of 4 varieties of ad campaigns. You can create website custom audiences to better make offers on your web visitors or fashion an app activity custom audience based on user activity within your mobile app. 

Already have a customer list spreadsheet? Awesome. Simply lift it onto Facebook, and the platform will process the data and seek out those users. The fourth and last option for Facebook Custom Audiences includes engagement custom audiences. This covers anyone who’s viewed your page, submitted lead forms, viewed your videos, and more. Ultimately, this will come in handy as you craft lookalike audiences, which makes up the next point on our list. 

  • Tap into “lookalike” targeting to widen your reach

Crafting your Facebook ad strategy 2022 from scratch each time can be such a drag. One way to build off what you already know is through what most people refer to as lookalike or mirror targeting. 

So you have your custom audiences set up. These basically embody all that you’re looking for in your ideal client, right? You can therefore use this as a blueprint for targeting going forward. In fact, many a time we’ve found great success as a digital marketing company by using the same ads on our primary targets as well as lookalike audiences. Call it watering two plants with one hose.  

It’s an excellent idea to bring in new business because you already have some idea of what types of ads tickle your market’s fancy. Facebook gives you provisions to capitalize on up to 500 lookalike audiences. There’s room for you to keep it extremely specific and narrow, or play it bigger by including more variances as you see fit. The ball’s pretty much in your court. 

  • Use the Meta Ad Library to snoop on your competition 

Hey, I’ll be straight with you. We’re not afraid to admit that we do it, every successful eCommerce marketing service on the planet does so, and for great reason. You can’t beat what you don’t know.  One excellent way to know just what you’re up against so you can go one better is the Meta or Facebook Ad Library.

Launched in 2018 as the social media heavyweight sought to enhance transparency, the rebranded Meta Ad Library is going strong in 2022. You can find every ad run by any advertiser, both present and past on there, and anyone can use this repository to: 

  • Look up search ads based on certain keywords
  • Filter ad categories based on location, issues, politics, and more
  • Analyze ad copy, image, and variations 

This presents an excellent opportunity to eavesdrop on your indirect and direct competitors, and perhaps take a page or two out of their book.  

  • Target life events to build an emotional connection & be friendly

There’s so much information available to marketers on Facebook these days. One of those data points we haven’t discussed thus far are life events, which are excellent targets to aim at as well. Life events refer to: 

  • Engagement, wedding, vacation anniversaries, etc. 
  • Birthdays of consumers and their relations
  • New jobs. A new paycheck means leads are probably going to splurge on new stuff.
  • Recent moves, which also means consumers are going to need a bunch of new stuff too
  • New relationships. People are always willing to celebrate their new flame with gifts
  • And much more

Do you have a product or service that fits the bill? Then it’s time to also target your ads around those special days, when people are feeling particularly emotional, and are willing to spend to show they care. By all means personalize your ads, however, watch the details. You wouldn’t want your audience to feel like you’re spying on them so make your ad copy natural, personal, yet still not too invasive.

And when I said friendly, I meant mobile-friendly. Too many people are crafting Facebook ads on their desktops, and not paying attention to mobile, which is a grave mistake as 96% of Facebookers log on via mobile. So once you’ve set up, test-drive your ad on your mobile device first. 

Need help with your Facebook Ad Strategy? 

Facebook is a gold mine that’s yours to take with the right digital marketing agency by your side. At Genexod, we help clients boost their sales on Facebook, improve their bottom line, and milk as much profit as they can from the incredible sales channel that it can be.

If you haven’t had much luck with your past campaigns, we offer eCommerce SEO services to craft you a powerful Facebook ad strategy 2022 that will have customers lining up to give you their wallets. Book a demo with the best Facebook ad agency today. 

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