How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Format

JPG Format

This article explains how to convert a PDF to a JPG file. When you save a PDF to the JPG format, the document no longer needs to be opened with a PDF reader and can instead be viewed with most image viewers.

PDF-to-JPG Conversion Tools

There are several ways to save whole pages from a PDF to the JPG format. The method you choose to use should depend primarily on the operating system you’re using and whether you already have the converter on your computer. is one of the easiest places to convert each page of the PDF to a separate image in the JPG format. This PDF converter works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and any other operating system that supports a browser. Just upload the PDF to that website, choose the JPG quality, wait for the conversion to JPG, and then download any of the pages as JPG, or download a ZIP of all the converted pages.


Pixillion is a free image file converter for Windows and macOS that lets you load a PDF into the program and then convert it to JPG. You can also adjust the resolution, scale the images, flip the pages, rotate the pages, add a watermark to the images, and more. Each page in the PDF will save as a separate JPG file.

PDF to JPEG Windows App

If you have Windows 10, you might prefer to use the PDF to JPEG Windows app. Just open the PDF in that program, pick a folder, and then hit the Convert button to make a JPG for each page of the PDF.

PDF to JPG Mac App

macOS users are best off using the built-in PDF tool to convert PDF to JPG. Open the PDF to launch Preview (or open Preview first and go to File > Open… if it doesn’t start automatically), and then pick JPG through the File > Export… menu option. You can also right-click any of the pages from the left pane to export the PDF page to JPG.


If you have Adobe Photoshop already on your computer, you can use it to convert a PDF page to JPG. Just open the PDF like you would any image, pick the Pages option, and then use the File > Save As… menu option to save the page as a JPG image file.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is similar to Photoshop: it’s not free but if you have it, it’s perfect for converting PDF to JPG. Open the PDF and then go to File > Export To > Image > JPEG to convert all the PDF pages to JPG files.

Merge JPG Pages Into One File

If you don’t want the converted PDF pages to be separate, individual JPGs but instead just one large JPG file with all the pages merged together, you have to use an entirely different tool. is one example of a website that can merge all the JPG pages into one file, either horizontally or vertically, which might be easier to send or store rather than keeping all of the pages as separate files.


Convert PDF Images to JPGs

Another way to convert a PDF to JPG is if you want to save the images from the PDF to the JPG format. In other words, you can extract all the pictures from a PDF and convert each of them to JPG.

One way to do this from any operating system is with an online PDF to JPG converter, clique aqui is one of the better ways to do this because you can load the PDF from (and save the JPGs to) your computer, your Google Drive account, or Dropbox. If multiple JPGs are extracted, you’ll get them in a ZIP file.

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