How to Choose the Right Security Camera for Home?

Right Security Camera

Before you buy the home security camera the common things which you can must-see. It is not easier to keep eye on your home. The latest security camera comes with many advanced features which can probably help you to select the best security camera.

Does the market offer several cameras Which Camera is best wireless or doorbell? The best security camera has the option to customizable alerts sent to a smartphone or tablet. The High-resolution camera record High definition HD video. The more detail which we discuss today

Too many questions in your mind the right answer to those questions yet the compact possible way.

So, the best way is to work the camera below the best types, features, and additional features of Cameras. Which you must know before purchasing a security camera.

Types of data transmission

  •   Analog or network-based
  •   Installation location
  •   Camera body type

Next, this is about the feature

Smart functions

  •   Passive infrared sensor and software level motion
  •   WIFI data transmission type in compare
  •   Battery-powered camera infrared night vision
  •   Pan tilt zoom and pan-tilt cameras
  •   Abnormal sound detection
  •   Line crossing and region protection
  •   Face detection and face recognition.

Installation location

Installation location

You should place the cameras to cover as many of these areas are possible. The best place to fit the home security cameras in front, back, and side doors because the burglars mostly enter from that places at home. Common areas, and stairways.

Camera body type

Installation location

Two main sensors are used in today’s digital cameras Charge a couple of devices CCD and Complementary metal oxide supplementary CMOS.

Although each type of sensor uses different technology to capture images .sensor has no inherent quality difference.

Passive infrared sensor and software level motion

Passive infrared sensor and software level motion

The footage is stored in SDs and drives so a wireless camera does not require an internet connection, but it can be viewed later.

Motion sensor light fit in camera so it moves according to the item moments and captures each record easily, sending it to a beam of light instead of infrared deduction light

WIFI data transmission type in compare

Data transmitted is fit in cameras translated into formats compatible with the signals. the incoming signals convert into original electronic data.

Battery-powered camera infrared night vision      Battery-powered camera infrared night vision

For illumination camera used at night fit in with NIR to utilize IR. It has limited range not more than 500m. Technology develop a laser that focuses NIR illumination as the user zoom, extending illumination rang 5km.

Pan tilt zoom and pan-tilt cameras

Pan tilt zoom and pan-tilt cameras

The home security camera is a Pan tilt Zoom PTZ camera it is the capability of remote control and remote directional.

It has an automatic camera system and is also called a robotic camera. Mostly used in sports events, television studios, and other spaces.

This automation system is best for home security.  Zoom and reflect the movements option of camera other types of camera is Virtual pam tilt zoom VPTZ it’s the high-resolution camera and pans into a portion of images. A portion of images captures the images from different directions. VPTZ is ultra-low bandwidth surveillance streaming technology user-defined area in high quality without increasing overall bandwidth usage.

Abnormal sound detection

The abnormal sound detection camera installed and used in case of emergency, quick and accurate situation identification response.

This camera was mostly used where the current situation was certainly sent to the control room and multiple control centers.

Line crossing and region protection/ Face detection and face recognition

Video content analytics VCA the best security camera has also has the capability to detect and determine. It has a wide range of domain record entertainment, health care, video retail, and home automation safety and security from smoke and rain. Video motion is detected with regard to fixing the background scene.

So, choose the camera which has included above all features and is helpful to purchase the best security camera for your home. To protect your loved ones from strangers enable the camera into your front door right now.

Face reorganization and sound cameras with VPTZ and strong NIR rang, because of these additional features store databases on regular basis. Check the record and see the daily record of who is an unknown person in your home and alert you.


  1. Capture every good and bad record which may keep out of the eye.
  2. Privesouly mentioned cameras can reduce the maximum crime rate. Criminals do not take risks to catch through security cameras.
  3. Camera helpful to record the speed traffic and street monitoring.
  4. Camera can be used in schools to keep the eye on students.
  5. It can also build a high system to secure and safe home security.


  1. It is easily abused. Public place camera cause of stalking to combat this serious issue

Strick regulation on public surveillance must be implemented.

  1. It’s not sure about the effectiveness of cameras means where the crime may occur the security cameras were not on that place.

We visualize through cameras that the crimes rate decrease.

  1. The camera’s security is just a waste of money. Mostly useless database saved.


According to your desired specification remotely home surveillance system has been successfully developed. The wireless sensor network WSN. Through sensor mode you can easily connect and communicate with each other. Hence the additional sensor to increase your home security.



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