How to Choose the Best Centre Table for Living Room?

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A centre table is the go-to piece of furniture that every living room has. It is multifunctional and versatile! The Centre table for living room can serve any number of purposes, such as serving drinks and appetizers on it or using it as a footrest while reading. A centre table can also be used to display artefacts or magazines you like to read too!

It is always an incredible idea to invest in a good centre table or accent table that not only meets your daily needs but also accentuates the ambience of your space. Choosing appropriate home décor items is a daunting task and it is always necessary to be mindful of certain things before buying the centre table. We have got you covered on how to find a perfect centre table for your beautiful home. Jump right in and choose the best Centre table for living room

Things to Look for Before Buying the Center Table

Here are certain basic ideas that are important to know before buying an accent table that is surely going to your favourite piece of furniture. 

Size of the room and table: Even before one chooses to buy any centre table the first thing that should be considered is the size of the space. For example, if one has to buy the centre table for the bedroom, usually a smaller centre table is ideal however for larger spaces such as the centre table for living rooms bigger sizes look good as they create a visual balance between the size of the room and the furniture places. 

Colour Scheme: Once the place and size of the centre table are decided, colour is another major characteristic that one should never ignore. The colours of accent tables depend on the latest trend and largely your personality. Monochromatic and neutral shades of tables always remain in vogue but you can also experiment with additional vibrant colours such as magenta, yellow and green. This is done to add a colour pop to the room and to raise the style quotient. 

The shape of the table: There are ample varieties of shapes and sizes available when it comes to choosing any centre table for living room but one trick is to choose the right shape that complements the design of your space. For instance, if your living room or placement of sofas in the living room is circular then the circular-shaped centre table is perfect for that area. Similarly rectangular and hexagonal-shaped tables are well suited for living rooms and larger spaces. 

The functionality of the Table: People tend to ignore the idea of the functionality of accent table in particular spaces which later results in bad choices. Functionality is an important factor that should always be at the back of your mind as the purpose of buying the accent table is to help us to choose the right kind. If one has to place the table in the bedroom, small circular tables are best because they don’t take up enough space and can be converted to your workstation, footrest, or something else.

Not that you know what are the important things to keep in mind before buying home décor items like centre table for living room, lets us have a look at some of the latest designs that will instantly elevate the look of your home. 

Marble Table

Marble with its elegant and timeless beauty enchants everyone. For a very long time, marble has been used for home décor but using a marbled centre table adds a different kind of glamour altogether. Check our iconic golden ribbed crisscross marble centre table that comes with a stainless-steel finish and marble top. This beauty is ideal for both small and large spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. 

Oval Center Table 

Oval-shaped centre tables are the best way to bring forth your unique personality through home décor. These tables look classic yet modern and are well suited for almost all spaces. Brooklyn’s two-tier accent table from our expansive collection is all that you have been looking for. It is a great option for adding more storage space along with using it as an accent table.  

Nesting Coffee Table 

Nesting Coffee Tables are one of the latest tables that are in vogue as they come in a set of two and can be used in multiple ways. These centre table for living room come in several designs and patterns. 

Our Tube set of 2 nesting tables is one such accent table with a gold-finished circular surface and high-grade marble top. This exquisite artefact with two coloured table tops is one rare item that will be a beautiful choice for your home. 

Wooden Table 

Wooden tables are classic home décor items that can never go out of fashion. Along with their timeless beauty, these tables are durable and stand the test of both time and tide. The Moore nesting table is one such effervescent table that can be used to place your books laptops, and décor items, and can even double up as a small serving table. Wooden tables bring in the natural essence in the house that transforms not just the looks but also spread celebratory spirit around.  

These are some of our top picks when it comes to home décor items that will help bring a sense of harmony to any room in your household. Whether you’re seeking the right centre table or coffee table to put in your living, dining, or bedroom area, you can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of options to make the best decision possible after taking different things into consideration like size and style

Center tables are multifunctional in their use because of the colour scheme and modern designs. Being made with premium quality material these are versatile and easy to maintain in a long run. 

Let us know in the comments below, which one is your favourite?

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