How to choose perfectly sized custom boxes for products

The market’s choice of packaging options is growing increasingly sophisticated. Selecting the appropriate Custom Boxes for products, much alone the right size, kind, material, and finish, becomes challenging.

This three-step procedure will assist you in selecting the most acceptable boxing solution for whatever you’re selling.

#1 What Is the Purpose of Your Box?

The Purpose Box is a puzzle game that challenges you to find out what’s inside. Each box includes a physical object, clues and instructions to complete the challenge at hand.

What Customer suggestion services are we providing?

High quality Custom Boxes for products is the finest choice  if you want to ship your product by courier service or postal boxes. They are constructed of high-quality recycled cardboard, and you may use these boxes to mail various items depending on their size.

Our largest sizes, F93 and F112, are perfect for subscription boxes. F62, F71, and F79 are ideal for clothing, while we may use the smallest sizes (f23, F33, and F44) to ship various products such as jewelry, belts, cosmetics, and other accessories.

Shipping Boxes are recommended if you intend to deliver many items in a single box. They are stronger than Mailer Boxes, and clothing and other heavy items will be delivered safely in shipping boxes. Check out our bottle boxes to safely send beer, wine, spirits, or other bottled beverages.

Is purpose of your box is to Showcase at a store?

Stylish and eco friendly customized boxes may boost your product’s visibility on a store shelf. Mailer or Goods Boxes might be a suitable match depending on the size of the product.

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We can use smaller boxes to exhibit little goods. The Two-Piece version is an excellent presentation box for the forties, bowties, socks, wallets, and other small items. The Classic Product Boxes would look great as brightly colored packaging for candy, little apparel accessories, or a card game.

Custom branded gift boxes are an excellent addition to your store since you can sell them as an upgrade, allowing your customers to gift their purchase.

 Do you want to do Storage?

 Cardboard boxes are an excellent alternative for extra storage at home or the office. We can store small office supplies and documents out of sight and mind, and F44 and F45 are the best-sized storage boxes.

#2 What is the nature of your product?

The second stage is to consider your product. There are a few things to think about:


Consider your goods inside a box. Knowing the size of the goods is vital since it allows you to see how they will fit within the box.You can examine the inside length, width, and height measurements when utilizing the online box editor.

Check out The Customize Boxes plus if you want a bespoke size and shape. You describe your concept in detail, and we respond with a quote.

 Is your product delicate?

Several items need specific handling throughout the shipping procedure. Packaging fillers are an excellent technique to ensure that nothing is harmed during transportation.

 What is the weight of it?

When it comes to shipping, weight is everything. Even though these boxes are designed to have an elegant appearance and exposure, they are not always recommended to deliver heavy objects. When the goods are not lightweight, it is recommended to use a Mailer Box. And, if your goods need room in addition to their weight, consider Shipping Custom packaging boxes.

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What material does your box composed of?

Some items, particularly those made of glass, ceramics, and extremely delicate materials, will undoubtedly require the addition of fillers to improve security.

#3 Packaging Characteristics of Custom Boxes for products

 So, we’ve determined why you need the box and what goods you’ll put inside.

What comes next?


The appearance of your box is determined by the variant you select.Eco Mailer Boxes are a natural and unprocessed solution. A one-color black or white imprint is ideal for firms that want to keep things simple.

 Ensured delivery

If the safety of your packing is your primary concern, we recommend adding Poly mailers to your Mailer Boxes. A Poly mailer will protect your packaging from even the worst weather conditions. Shipping Boxes, on the other hand, may be more suitable for you.


 If you are just starting as a business owner, we recommend placing a modest order for bespoke packaging.30-50 pieces are a decent starting point for determining the possibility of employing bespoke packaging for your business.

If you need to save money, consider Eco or Eco White Mailer Boxes – they’re a terrific way to experiment with personalized packaging with a small expenditure.

If your product demands a more premium appearance, our Full-Colour Mailer Boxes and Product Packaging are what you’re looking for.

That’s it – your personalized boxes are complete!

Product packaging consists of more than just a box. It’s an excellent approach to reinforce your brand and provide your customers with an unforgettable purchasing experience that will keep them loyal and purchasing from you in the future.

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End thought

Here is the online shop to view the selection of packaging options for Custom Boxes for products to rank high in the packaging market and highlight your brand name and it always starts with employing your bespoke packaging. Thanks


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