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How to quickly increase fan page followers in 5 days!

Facebook is one of the social media that has been popular all over the world continuously. The luck of entrepreneurs in this era is Being able to sell products through these social media channels without having to pay for rental space. or opening a page to create content for people to follow and generate income. But how to get a Facebook page to have a large number of followers in a short time? And this is a technique to promote Facebook. Increase likes quickly within 5 days. The way you do it is definitely popular!

Day 1: Invite your Facebook friends to like the page.

If you just opened a page on Facebook The first method that Facebook recommends is Pressing to invite friends on Facebook to like the page. How to get more likes on this page without having to pay for promotion. You can also select all your Facebook friends. Or you can choose only the people you want to follow on your page as well. How to promote this page, the number of followers will increase more or less depending on the number of your Facebook friends. (When your friends follow the page Friends of your friends have the opportunity to see your page as well.)

 Day 2: Use Facebook Ads to promote your page.

If you want to increase or buying facebook followers on your Facebook page One way to see results clearly is by using Facebook Ads. Will be able to see more pages quickly. But this method will cost you. How to promote a Fanpage in this format depends on the amount you want to promote. Using Facebook Ads, you can choose which audience to promote your page with, age, duration, and budget can also be set. (This step is performed to test audiences and build initial followers. for bringing the follower data to analyze for use in planning the next strategy)

Day 3: Utilizing Viral Content

Viral Content is an issue that is happening for a while and is widely shared. You might be wondering how to take advantage of this viral content. This way you need to create interesting posts about the current trend. to make people share posts from the page or tag a friend under the post This will help people get to know your page more quickly.

You might start promoting Facebook by sharing some content or videos about the issue, or by applying social trends to create content on your page, such as the COVID-19 social trend. If selling screened shirts You may post to promote a new shirt with stamping ” Am I addicted yet? ” This will create a stream of sharing quickly. Or maybe put a funny video or picture. Come on the page in order to make people like until the like. Press share that post.

(In the case of choosing Viral Content, the brand image should be taken into account. and use the follower information to analyze the appropriateness)

Day 4: Giving away items on the Facebook page.

When you have a certain level of buying facebook followers for facebook page. You can use a way to promote Facebook by giving away items on the page. This will increase your followers quickly. But there must be rules, for example, like and share the page and tag 3 friends. The page will randomly give 10 products. If the page sells products, it may bring the products of the page to give away or if it is a page that doesn’t sell items. You may buy something to give to your fan page.

(The distribution should analysis of the appropriate and the appropriate time that is expected to have the most participants)

Day 5: Creating Video Content

Did you know that nowadays Facebook posts in the form of Video Content get more attention than posts that are just text or images? If you make a video that appeals to your target audience This will result in more likes, shares, and more followers quickly.

(Videos can create memories and The brand image is clear. But video production requires an in-depth analysis of subscriber behavior. What is the highlight that will attract followers to watch that video?)

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