How PDF to QR Code Helped Me with the Branding of My Product?

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As a new food brand, gaining the consumers’ trust is instrumental. In the FMCG sector, branding plays a vital role in gaining consumers’ trust. The market is competitive, and we had to ace our branding game to increase trust and sales. 

We discovered that sharing PDFs was one of the best ways to improve brand awareness. And with PDF QR codes, we took our branding efforts to a new level. 

Here’s how we used PDF to QR code to enhance my product’s branding and increase sales. 

Why PDF for branding?

Branding is all about making customers aware of the product and brand. And I feel the best way to increase brand awareness is by educating and informing the customers. 

Moreover, customers are smarter than ever and want to know everything about a product before using it. This is especially true for food products, as consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat. 

PDFs are versatile, and they enable the sharing of in-depth information. So, we created PDFs containing product information to inform our consumers.

The PDFs contained everything a customer should know about the product, including the ingredients, how it was manufactured, etc. 

On the PDF, we also provided a link to our landing page where customers could sign up to receive the latest updates and offers. Hence, the PDFs acted as a bridge to bring people to our website and help us increase brand awareness and generate leads. 

PDF to QR code for PDF sharing and distribution

Creating a PDF for all our products was only half the work done. The biggest challenge was sharing the PDFs with customers so they could seamlessly access them and view the information. 

Here’s when we learned about PDF QR codes. We decided to print PDF QR codes on our product packaging to help customers access the PDF with a single scan. 

The next step was selecting a QR code generator for PDF, and it was a no-brainer to choose QRCodeChimp.

QRCodeChimp allows us to create static and dynamic PDF QR codes. It offers some top-notch QR code creation and management features, like:

  • 60+ QR code shapes
  • Hundreds of stickers with CTAs
  • Folders management and sharing
  • Subaccounts 
  • Bulk QR code creation
  • Comprehensive QR code analytics
  • And many more 

I created a dynamic, circular QR code for each product PDF and printed it on the product packaging. 

The results were better than expected. A lot of customers scanned the QR code on product packaging to view the PDF. And to our surprise, many consumers clicked on the landing page link in the PDF to visit our landing page and sign up. We saw a 4% conversion rate, which is substantial. 

Overall, QRCodeChimp helped us leverage the true potential of PDFs to improve our branding and customer satisfaction. 

Are you looking for a QR code generator for PDF? QRCodeChimp has your back. Visit today and sign up for free. 

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