How Much Of WordPress Is Free?


WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS software out there. But, of course, there are great alternatives out there as well. Wix and Foursquare are doing quite well nowadays, for instance. But none other is more asked for by businesses around the world.

WordPress is just that good. Plus, you get outstanding online trade features with the WooCommerce plugin. That makes it even more attractive. Yet, WordPress is free. Well… not completely. WordPress does require payment. Fortunately, not for absolutely everything. So, today, we’re going to list down the 5 WordPress offers to you absolutely free:

WordPress Itself

WordPress is available for use through its official website. You can download it for free and use it according to your website design and development requirements. This makes the first step of your WordPress development journey remarkably easy, even if you’re just a student starting out. Likewise, interestingly enough, a popular extension by the name of WooCommerce is also freely available. Using both gets you a free attractive website with the latest eCommerce capabilities.

User Support

You can avail of free support for several issues you may face dealing with the platform. In addition, there are various support documents available for you to resolve problems. Expert WordPress developers may also pitch in to help you sort out your mess and get you going with dependable fixes to your problems. It’s possible at times that due to communication issues, you may not be able to resolve your issue instantly. But, steadfastness will help you succeed in the long run.

Available Themes

There are various free WordPress themes available on the market. You can use them however you like, without needing to spend a penny. Of course, there are also many paid ones out there, but with so many free options available, you’d probably prefer the free one you like the most. Plus, you can offer affordable WordPress development services to your clients with free themes.

WordPress Plugins

With themes comes the requirement of plugins. A theme you like may not have the features you want, while a feature-rich one may not look good. What do you do? You go for the theme you like and add the free plugins you desire. In this way, WordPress lets you have both the central theme you prefer and the features you want in it.

Future Updates

A paid WordPress theme or plugin may require payments every time you update. But free ones usually don’t cost you a buck. So instead of offering you a limited time use and requiring monthly or yearly payments, a free theme almost always remains free. Same case with plugins as well. Free plugins can also help you add essential features for free when you’re looking to add them under a budget.

But Why Is WordPress Free To Begin With?

WordPress has millions of users worldwide. With that kind of a userbase, they can make a ton of cash by charging even a very basic monthly or yearly amount from its users. But they don’t, which sounds kind of weird. But of course, not if you know the background.

WordPress is operated by a non-profit organization. Plus, hundreds of developers regularly add to its source code for free. This enables the platform to remain free for all, as tons of developers that use the software for their projects keep adding to it for improvements.

Start Your WordPress Projects

What are you waiting for now? Get started on your WordPress projects today. With so much freedom to choose, you’re bound to come up with something you like. That said, “free” isn’t necessarily good. Even with WordPress, a little investment can pay off.

Sometimes you’d find a fantastic theme, but it’s a premium one. In some cases, buying that theme might be better. Similarly, a premium plugin may offer added functionality and higher speed. So, what you lose in cost, you might make up for with performance. Of course, you do have the option to contact a web design company in Los Angeles or your home state to get the job done for you. They’d not only get you the theme you want but may also offer theme customization and custom plugin development for personalized website features.

Whatever the case may be, WordPress is bound to help you win, regardless of whether you choose the free path, the premium one, or if you choose a course somewhere in between.

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