How Much Does It Take to Apply for Certification of Network Engineers?


How much does it take to apply for certification of network engineers? The certification of network engineers here mainly refers to Cisco certification and Huawei certification. Today SPOTO will introduce the exam fees of different levels of these two certification systems.

Cisco Certification System

Cisco certification is divided into three levels: primary CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), intermediate CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Profession) and expert CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). The certification fee of each level is different.

  1. The exam fee of CCNA certification  click go now

As Cisco’s primary certification, CCNA certification only requires candidates to pass one exam, and the official exam fee is 300 US dollars.

  1. The exam fee of CCNP certification

Cisco’s CCNP certification includes two exams: the core written exam (400 US dollars) + the optional written exam (300 US dollars), a total of 700 US dollars.

  1. The exam fee of CCIE certification 

Cisco CCIE certification exams include a theoretical written exam and a lab exam. The cost of written exam is 400 US dollars while the cost of lab exam varies according to the exam location. The cost of the lab exam in Hong Kong is 1,600 US dollars, 1,800 US dollars in Beijing, and 1,900 US dollars in the mobile exam center..

Huawei Certification System

First, according to ICT practitioners’ needs to learn and make progress, Huawei certification is divided into three certification levels: the associate level, the professional engineer level and the expert level. Namely HCIA, HCIP and HCIE. Huawei certification has many technical directions. The exam difficulty and certificate value of each level are different, so the exam fees are also different.

  1. HCIA

Huawei’s HCIA exam fees for different directions such as HCIA data communication, security, cloud computing, storage and big data, are unified at 200 US dollars. You can obtain a certificate after passing one exam, and the certificate is valid for 3 years. , candidates can make an appointment for exams in the nearby VUE exam room , and the exam takes 115 minutes.

  1. HCIP

HCIP is little more complicated. It is divided into different directions. The exam contents in different directions are different. Some directions only require students to take one exam, while others require two or three exams. Therefore, the registration fees are also different.

For example, Public Safety, Big Data Developer, AI, IoT, Enterprise Communication and other directions only requires one exam, so the registration fee is only 300 US dollars. But the three directions, Data Center, WLAN and Datacom (Data Communication) require two exams, and the fees are different. Each exam of Data Center and WLAM directions cost 160 US dollars, that is, a total of 320 US dollars. In the Datacom direction, the subdivided HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching Technology includes two exams: H12-821 (HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology) and H12-831 (HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching Technology), of which H12-821 costs 300 US dollars and H12-831 180 US dollars.

Other directions require three exams, each of which costs 160 US dollars.


HCIE exams are more complex than HCIA and HCIP exams with an added lab exam and an interview.

Among them, the HCIE written exam fees for Datacom, Security, Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Center and Big Data are all 300 US dollars, and the lab exam fee is 1,333 US dollars. The interview fee is included in the lab exam fee, which is about 1,666 US dollars.

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