How much does a HGV medical cost UK?

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Most GPs are perfectly capable of carrying out this task.

You need a letter of medical fitness from your doctor stating that you are fit to drive and your driving license number. To be eligible for a DVLA D-Class driving license (D-Class means 4-wheeled passenger vehicle), you must have no more than 6 points on your Driving Licence, no disqualifications (e.g. drink-drive conviction), no conviction of driving whilst disqualified, no criminal record, a valid UK medical and no outstanding parking fines.

If you are a non-EEA national living in the UK, you Hgv medical smethwick can only apply for a UK license. To qualify for a UK license, you will need to have completed an Enhanced Medical Certificate and have completed the DVLA D-Class driving test. This can be done by a private firm like D-class driving, which specializes in D-class medicals. There are two routes that you can take.

One of them is that you can ask your GP to complete a medical for you, and this would be the most straightforward route. It’s the same process as applying for a new UK license, except that a medical certificate from your GP is required.

The second option is to go through a private firm who specialises in D-Class drivers.

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