How Hybrid Cloud Environments Can Leverage Cloud DaaS Technology?

Working from home or during travel is not always an easy thing to do, especially when having the need to access the company’s email box via your Smartphone. Fortunately, there are ways to make this possible without needing to bring any kind of work related files onto these devices (the ones that should only be used for personal use).

This has given rise into companies currently looking for cloud DaaS providers in order to meet the needs of its employees when it comes to working remotely or on the go, whether they are working on their personal laptops or smartphones.

Cloud Desktop as a Service is Here to Stay

Cloud DaaS ( Desktop  as a  Service )  is a relatively new technology that started to become popular in mid-2012. Having experienced a lot of success since then, Cloud DaaS Providers are now offering the best solution in order for companies to have access to their own files and desktop without having any need for expensive equipment or massive infrastructure.

Using cloud desktops will allow employees who are currently working from home or traveling to access their company’s email box, view and edit files (with the appropriate software), and use their computer using only an Internet connection.

Working remotely or traveling does not mean giving up on having access to your work related documents and tools, but rather find an easier way to accomplish this task; Cloud Desktop as a Service  has definitely met this need and will continue to do so as the months go by.

Cloud DaaS Portals – A Safe and Secure Way of Accessing Your Desktop

Having a dedicated Cloud DaaS portal is ideal for employees who are currently working remotely or on the road; this will also allow you to have a secure access to your files and software, while allowing you full control over the amount of data that needs to be save on the Cloud.

The desktop can then be accessed through any web browser from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The options are endless since all it takes is a device with internet connectivity and a web browser.

Another advantage is that you get to access your desktop from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection or cellular signal. Being able to access your desktop at any time can come really handy when needing to view or edit your files while on the road or when working remotely in another city or country.

Working on the Go

Working on your smartphone or tablet has never been easier, which makes Cloud DaaS a great fit for any company that wants to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Even if you are not using iOS or Android devices, there are solutions out there which can allow you to have access to your desktop from any web browser.

While some cloud DaaS providers will require you to install a piece of software on your device, there are others who may allow you direct access without having to go through this process; the choice is yours and should depend on what kind of devices that you or your employees prefer and use in order to work remotely.

Cloud DaaS is here to stay, since it provides a simple and cost effective way of having access to your work from any web browser from your smartphone or tablet. Cloud DaaS systems are definitely one of the best options in terms of cloud computing technology that can provide a significant business advantage when used properly with company’s internal processes.

Cloud DaaS is the Future

The future of cloud Desktop as a  Service  is very bright (no pun intended), since the technology has become widely accept by companies around the world. Using cloud-based DaaS systems can be seen on all fronts, including security, features and cost; providers are now offering more services for less money, which is definitely one of the main reasons why more and more companies are turning to this technology.

On the security front, it is very important for anyone who wants to use cloud DaaS to pay close attention on what kind of service their provider offers; data encryption, multi-factor authentication and access controls are just some of the features that any company should look for before signing up with any cloud DaaS provider.

In the End

The main reason why cloud DaaS has become so popular in such a short period of time is simply because it provides companies with the flexibility and mobility that they need to succeed. The technology allows employees to work from home, while having access to their files, software, and desktop with little effort.

By Arslan Shah

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