How Does Pokeball really Work?


Without question, Pokemon is a massive global phenomenon. Many fans have produced questions on how the world of our beloved little monsters operates, from tournaments to the anatomy of Pokemon. But one of the series’ most famous questions is: what is the interior of PokeBalls like?

In anime’s world, there are weapons or tools that, thanks to their popularity, are considered true icons of the genre. Inuyasha’s sword, dragon balls, and Luffy’s hat are some of the most famous artifacts, but none are as popular as the Pokeball.

A Pokeball is a commonly used device to capture and transport pocket monsters in the Pokemon world, but how do they work? While there is no official explanation, many theories convincingly explore the science behind small tools known as Pokeballs, capable of storing massive creatures like a Snorlax.

The logical theory that explains it

Pokeballs have existed since the beginning of the series and were developed alongside it. There are at least 27 variations of the original design, each with unique features that make it easier to catch specific types of Pokemon.

Captured creatures enter the Pokeball in the form of energy, so it is assumed that the Pokeballs carry out the transformation of the Pokemon in that state.

In the anime, in some scenes, it is observed that the Pokeballs have mirrors inside them, so a Reddit user speculates that the Pokemons are composed of wavelengths that increase as they are captured. It would allow them to compress into light energy that continually bounces off the mirrors until their master needs them again.

The theory proposes that Pokemon can convert matter into energy, and Pokeballs exploit this power, forcing a weakened Pokemon into them. If the theory were true, it would explain some scenarios. If a Pokemon can truly convert matter into energy, one with more training and a large energy accumulation can evolve into a stronger version.

It would also explain some of the Pokemon’s special attacks, which seem to create fire and electricity out of thin air. It’s the stored energy they can materialize, which explains why a Pokemon can use its moves a few times before healing up.

Also, if a creature faints, it can no longer convert energy, so a Pokeball can’t manipulate this function, which explains why an unconscious Pokemon is impossible to catch.

The theory also explains the different varieties of Pokeballs since each one can only exploit a certain quantity of energy, so they are more practical the weaker a Pokemon is. Ultra Balls or Master Balls have a higher ability to manipulate energy, making them effective in capturing even Legendary Pokemon.

Final Thought

Junichi Masuda, responsible for the Pokemon video games, has commented in several interviews that the inside of a Pokeball is very comfortable for Pokemon, suggesting that perhaps these creatures experience a simulation of their ideal environment. However, you can also buy it at the PKM store and give us your opinion on how you think a Pokeball works.

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