How Dodo Plans are Better than Its Competitors

How Dodo Plans are Better than Its Competitors

Let’s face it: choosing an internet service provider is easier said than done when you’re spoiled for choice. That is the case for many Aussies, with how many ISPs there are. Limiting yourself to ISPs that offer NBN plans doesn’t help matters, as all of them fall into that category. Even when you narrow your choices down to a single speed tier, you still have to decide whether or not to sign onto a long-term contract of at least 12 months. 

If you’re looking for something besides an internet connection, though, it’s hard to beat Dodo. Dodo internet plans can be bundled with other utilities, but is that causeenough to choose this ISP? If you’re still mulling over your choices, here are several reasons why you should go with Dodo.  

Lower Prices

Most households will need either an NBN 50 or NBN 100 plan; the bigger your household and the heavier the internet usage, the more likely it is you’ll choose the latter. That’s why it makes sense to focus primarily on plans at those two speed tiers, excluding any promotional discounts to make it easier to compare plans. 

Dodo’s NBN 50 plan costs $53.90 a month, while the same ISP’s NBN 100 plan costs $63.90 a month. There’s not much difference in cost in the former tier, as the next cheapest plans are with Exetel and Superloop, both at $53.95 a month. The latter tier, however, is where the difference becomes more obvious. Both Exetel and Superloop offer the next cheapest plans in the NBN 100 speed tier, both at $68.95 a month. As you can see, that’s a difference of a little over $5! 

Of course, you’d want to get your money’s worth when it comes to internet speed to ensure you’re paying the best possible price. At the NBN 50 tier, typical evening speeds for Dodo comes in at 50Mbps – the highest possible for that tier, although it may be slower for some households because of their size or their type of internet connection. At the NBN 100 tier, though, typical evening speeds for Dodo are at 92Mbps, up to 8Mbps slower compared to other providers. 

Perks and Extras

As mentioned earlier, Dodo is one of the only providers that allow customers to bundle their internet plans with electricity and gas. However, that’s the only perk that Dodo offers. This may be a drawback if you’re after perks such as streaming add-ons and 4G backup, but if you’re looking for a way to combine your bills into one so paying them is easier to do and to track, then Dodo would be right up your alley.   

Customer Support

In a perfect world, internet connections would run as smoothly as possible and consumers wouldn’t need support because there are no problems. Unfortunately, this world isn’t perfect, so no matter where you are in Australia, you’ll run into problems of some kind that necessitate contacting someone to help you straighten things out. 

While the quality of the support is hard to determine, a range of support options is still a good enough indicator of how simple it would be to get help for one problem or another. Dodo offers four different avenues: phone, chat, email, and social media. All are readily accessible most, if not all the time, which means customers may not have to wait too long to have someone help them out with their internet problems. 

In summary, Dodo internet plans ranges from cheap to average when it comes to internet plan costs and offers customers the ability to bundle utilities with an internet plan, but with the tradeoff of slightly slower NBN 100 speeds. If you want to be able to do that, like the idea of multiple channels for support, and can live with some loss of internet speed, then there’s no reason to not choose Dodo as your ISP. 

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