How do you read manga on Mangaowl? What button should I press?

Mangaowl is the perfect online manga reader. You can read the latest and most popular manga with English translations, or use search to find your personal favorites. Other features include remembering your place in a series, using night mode to help you sleep better, and sharing on social media via bookmarking or share tools as well as commenting on chapters. But how do you start reading on Mangaowl? Clearly, clicking the “Manga” tab isn’t going to do it! Clicking this button will explain all:

A blog post about how to read manga on MangaOwl might exist already so check for that first before writing this blog post. However if there isn’t a blog post about it then write it.

Mangaowl is the best customizable manga reader. You can change the appearance and text size of the reading view. Mangaowl has a built in manga reader so you may not want to change it’s appearance, or at least not too much. You also can add manga chapter icons to the home page so you don’t have to search and open catalogues to find your favorite manga/chapter. Additionally badges that can be customized might be added in the future allowing users to showcase their favorite titles and creating a community around them.

You might want to read manga offline. MangaOwl supports this feature.

MangaOwl is a manga reader that remembers your place in manga series and allows you to change between manga series. By default MangaOwl will only remember the last series you read and read it in Baumkuchen format (Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 etc). In order to use this feature you need to enable it under the settings (in the menu press “settings”). Then change which series you want MangaOwl to remember. You can have MangaOwl remember all of them, or only some of them. If you don’t have any currently read manga then this feature won’t do anything for you. You can also choose from a few different layouts.

There is also a “Type” option that enables you to change the format of the reading view from vertical (manga) to horizontal (western comics). You can read both formats on your phone and tablet, as long as it is in landscape mode of course. But if you have a tablet then you can also change the size of the text, change how much text appears per screen, change how many pages are shown per screen and enable night mode which will make it darker so it’s more comfortable to read at night.

The search feature is very powerful and convenient.

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