How do recruitment agencies function in close association with the Internal HR department?

Recruitment and staffing are considered an important part of the organization. Only by these two processes can the correct pool of candidates be employed in the organization. But this process is very complicated and cannot be performed in isolation by a particular company. It is because a company has other objectives to fulfill as well. That is why a company works closely with contract staffing Agencies and recruitment agencies.

The interplay of two departments

The company’s internal human resource management department gets in touch with these agencies so that the best pool of candidates could be attracted to the given organization. But many times, there is an overlapping of functions between these two departments.

In this article, an attempt would be made to provide a proper procedure which these two departments must follow to prevent duplication of efforts. The list of the same efforts has been given in the following way.

Prepare a proper roadmap.

One of the most important and first steps both of these departments must take to discuss and formulate a proper road map for recruitment. They have to make a proper design to focus on the number of vacancies the company has to offer. It will also include a checklist of the features and characteristics that must be present in the employee who takes off the job. The next part would also comprise the important sources of these prospective job candidates.

You can hire a contract agency, and they will help you hire the right men at work. They will bring out the best results and help your business grow. You can also learn new ways of handling the work.

The next step would be to decide how these prospective job candidates have to be attracted to work in a given company and the organization. After formulating the roadmap of the entire recruitment process, it is advisable to create a timeline and even allocate the responsibilities. This will try to control the performance of activities and ensure the timely completion of the events.

Discuss the shortlisting process

After developing the proper road map of the recruitment process, it is essential to discuss the criteria for shortlisting the candidates. It is an important piece of information. The staffing agency and the internal Human Resource Department of a company have to decide upon the procedure with the help of which the talent and the qualification would be evaluated. They can decide to take an interview with the candidate. They can also decide at the same time to develop a problem-solving assignment in the form of an examination.

The effort of both of these departments is required in this particular process. It is because the staffing agency would not be in the position to decide the smarter alone. After all, it depends upon the history of the organization. Similarly, the difficulty level of the evaluating criteria would be decided by the staffing agency because it has much more expertise in that field. They both have to work together for the development of this project.

Recruitment and training

After having successfully shortlisted the candidates, both departments should try to focus on the activities of recruitment and training; the company should be able to communicate to the contract staffing agency the different types of skills that must be present in the employees. At the same time, the contract staffing agency should also confirm the budget within which the entire training process should be conducted.

Both of these departments need to communicate with each other completely. Any mistake at this department is likely to complicate matters over some time. This is going to help the company to get attached to the organization. It is also important that the Human Resource Department plays a vital role in this activity as compared to the staffing agency. It will help in preventing outside control and influence. Also, it will make your business become more visible in the outside world and offer it a positive graph of growth.

Discussing the retention policy

It is possible for a company to change its policy over a period of time. There can be many reasons to support this change. A company would be in the position to change its management or the principal area of business. This would be in the position to change the internal demographics of the company. In such a situation, the employees might end up losing their job. In order to prevent this large-scale unemployment, the internal HR department always maintains close contact with the staffing agency.

The staffing agency is able to work in association with the department to provide the next best opportunity of employment to unemployed people. It is actually going to assist a lot of important perspectives in the organization. This is an important function in order to prevent the employees from getting deteriorated over a period of time.

Discuss the legal issues

Since the contract agency has to work in close association with the internal Human Resource Department of a company, both have to be equally responsible for the compliance of legal claims. Since a company has dedicated all this administrator work to the staffing agency, it is the Human Resource Department of a company that communicates the essential details. The IT contract staffing agencies are able to perform the procedural activities. All the required information to fulfill that application is supplied by the company itself.

This is able to save the time of the contract staffing agency as well. It is likely to be very important in the long run and also ensure better compliance with the previous objectives.


It has to be concluded at the end of the day that this is one of the essential perspectives that need to be covered over the period of time. Instead of working against each other, It is advisable to work with each other. If the departments are able to work in accordance with the above-mentioned procedure, then there would not be any space for disputes, and everything would be executed in the minimum time possible.


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