How Do Performance Parts Affect the Value of My BMW?


Installing BMW performance parts can affect the value of the BMW. The value depends on the type of modification and its impact on performance. We will help you discover how different performance parts affect the value of your BMW on resale.

Cold Air Intake

Modifications in the engine bay area are dedicated to boosting performance and may increase your car’s value. Expert mechanics can help you install a cold air intake to get better energy production from your engine. You can enjoy a better throttle response, which can add value to your vehicle.

A high-quality cold air intake adds horsepower and torque, improving track and street performance. The air intake system enhances the air-to-fuel ratio during combustion, meaning your car uses less fuel. Such a modification can improve your car’s value, making it more efficient and powerful.

Engine Control Unit

BMW dealers and auto shops sell Engine Control Units (ECUs) to improve BMW performance. The ECU is a chip that controls engine performance and can be mapped to meet specific driver requirements. Our experts handle ECU remapping to either boost your car’s performance or fuel efficiency.

ECU tuning is a cost-effective way of modifying your car without investing in new car parts like intake and exhaust systems. When done by an expert, chip tuning will improve throttle response and transmission. Since the chip helps upgrade engine performance and is covered under warranty, you can get top dollar on the car’s resale value.

Exhaust System

While an aftermarket exhaust system may decrease your car’s value, installing an OEM exhaust system will be a positive addition for better resale value. Many certified BMW auto shops stock genuine parts like the Dinan High Flow X-pipe for better engine exhaust sounds and maximum airflow. By improving breathability, the exhaust system can help increase engine performance.

Any buyer interested in performance will appreciate the exhaust system upgrade. BMWs with better exhausts sound more aggressive and will make your car stand out. Since an exhaust system upgrade improves your car’s performance, it can enhance your BMW’s value.


BMW drivers modifying their cars to improve performance often change the suspension. A suspension upgrade helps lower the car to improve stability with more horsepower and torque. New suspension systems with strut bars and coil overs can enhance the ride quality.

Expert BMW mechanics can help you install high-performance adjustable suspension in your performance BMW, but this might not improve the car’s value. Lowering a car might improve drivability but can affect clearance, and you may have trouble driving on uneven surfaces. Many buyers might not be interested in such a suspension and might prefer switching it out.

Performance Kit

The BMW sports performance body kit can help your ride look sportier and enhance performance. Items like side skirts and a fin tail on your BMW improve the car’s outlook and reduce the drag your car experiences while in motion. You can enjoy higher speeds at lower RPMs with such parts.

Many performance kits include a rear diffuser to improve your car’s appearance. This can make the car more appealing and create an impression with most buyers, so they can give you better offers on resale. This type of performance upgrade can impact your resale value positively.

Wheels and Tires

You may need better wheels and tires for improved traction with a performance BMW. Performance upgrades may require that you make your car more stable, so wider wheels will be necessary. Look for mechanics that can install new upgrades like alloy wheels. 

Wheel upgrades often make your BMW look sportier, and will make a great first impression with buyers. The overall value of your vehicle can increase. Your selection of wheels might attract great offers, but it depends on the buyer’s preferences.


Brake upgrades are a safety measure to counter the increase in horsepower and torque. Having high-performance calipers and pads reduces the braking distance and improves brake response. Such features can increase the value of your BMW since buyers may view the car as a safer option after other modifications.

One option is TS20 Brembo brakes that look and work great when installed in your car. They may last longer due to their high friction and wear resistance, saving your buyer money, so they will likely see the upgrade as worth it.

Get Genuine BMW Performance Parts to Improve Car Value on Resale

BMW performance parts affect the value of your car depending on factors like the type of modification, its effect on performance, and the potential buyer’s tastes. If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your vehicle, consider working with a certified dealer for performance enhancements.

By Michael Caine

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