How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work & How To Connect Them

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The world has seen technological advancement in recent years. We get to know about a new invention every day. Smartphones, for instance, come with new and upgraded features now and then. If you observe, you can find changes in every new device, which is why people upgrade to new phones and other devices. Everything has evolved with time, whether it is a mobile phone or a device to listen to music. That is how people shifted from radio to wireless speakers, which offered them a more convenient listening experience.

Among all the wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers have grabbed special attention. While the use of Bluetooth in smartphones was immense in the last two decades, it is now being used to deliver the best music experience anytime and anywhere. But have you ever thought about how they work?

This article discusses how Bluetooth speakers work and how you can connect to various devices. Read below:

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

Usually, Bluetooth speakers are used to receiving digital audio wirelessly by using the Bluetooth protocol when connected. But now, this is not enough. Since a Bluetooth speaker is an intricate device, it is not enough to explain how it works in one line. So, we have mentioned the entire process below-

Bluetooth speaker, though it looks a little different from other loudspeakers, its functionality or the process of its working is not additional. Just like a loudspeaker converts electrical energy into sound waves, Bluetooth speakers do the same. While the wired loudspeakers receive their audio signals via speaker cables, the Bluetooth speakers receive their signals via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth speakers have a built-in power amplifier. This helps the speaker to receive the signal without using any wire. Once the amplifier receives the signal, the Bluetooth protocol carries the line-level signals. If you attach your Bluetooth speaker to a Bluetooth preferred audio device, it can produce the sound.

How To Pair/Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Various Devices?

You can pair the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker with anything via Bluetooth. You can use common devices like phones, laptops, desktops, and even your smart TV. So, we have mentioned how you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to various devices. The steps are given below-

How To Pair or Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Your Laptop / Desktop

  • Firstly, start your computer. If you use any Windows computer, start it and if you use Mac OS, open the laptop, and it should start.
  • Once you open your laptop or desktop, go to ‘System Preferences.
  • Now, from there, you need to find the option called ‘Bluetooth.’ Click on it once you find it.
  • Once you click on Bluetooth, you will likely get an option called ‘Turn or Switch On Bluetooth.’ Click on that option to activate your Bluetooth.
  • Once you have activated your Bluetooth, you need to pair the name of your Bluetooth device with your Bluetooth speaker. And that is it. Your Bluetooth device and Bluetooth speaker are now connected and ready to play music.

How To Pair Bluetooth Speaker To Your iPhone

Just because Apple Always uses its own devices and all its products are interlinked, it does not mean you cannot connect a Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone. Read the steps to know how you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone:

  • First, open your iPhone.
  • Once your phone is open, go to settings. Here you can find the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • After clicking on ‘Bluetooth,’ you will get the ‘Switch Bluetooth On’ option. You can now pair the Bluetooth speaker with the Bluetooth of your phone.
  • You can swipe down to reach the settings or the control center of your phone and click on the icon of Bluetooth to turn on your Bluetooth. Now, you can connect the Bluetooth speaker with the phone’s Bluetooth and play your favorite songs.

How To Pair Bluetooth Speaker To Your Android Phone

  • Firstly, open your phone.
  • After you open the phone, go to settings and find the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • Select the ‘Turn On Bluetooth’ option and pair the Bluetooth speaker with your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Go to your phone’s control center and click Bluetooth to turn it on. Connect the Bluetooth speaker with your phone’s Bluetooth, and your job is done.


With the continuous changes in technology, the changes in various technological devices become automatically inevitable. The invention of Bluetooth speakers is one such change that brought a huge difference in the conventional way of listening to music.

Now, radio lovers prefer to listen to their favorite music using Bluetooth speakers. But we must not forget that with the devices becoming more and more complex every day, their connectivity process has changed too. A good Bluetooth speaker with 4.2 connectivity can help you enjoy the best-in-class audio quality.

So, it automatically becomes essential that you know how the Bluetooth speakers work and how to pair or connect them so that when you wish to buy a Bluetooth speaker for you, you can buy the best one. Also, check out the best Bluetooth speaker for under 500$ and choose the best one according to your budget.

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