How difficult is PgMP certification?

PgMP certification?

PgMP certification is known as one of the most momentous exams in the periphery of project as well as program management scenarios. The full form of this certification course is Program Management Professional. It is as good as the PMP exams. However, there are some additional perks of going for the PgMP certification program. The certification program would act like a felicitation for someone who has compiled valuable program management roles and also has project management experience. Let us check out some essential facts and make an attempt to fathom out the intensity of this exam. 

Is it that hard? 

If you want to delve into the complications and challenges embedded in this particular exam, you should know that it will have you go through a lot of discomfiture as you put your efforts to crack the exam with astonishing success. Getting success in this PgMP certification is a very uncomfortable proposition and it will call for a very hard amount of labor from your side. Though the ratio of failure in this particular exam is not negligible, you can aim for the sweet taste of success provided you act smart. 

Percentage that you require

The exam presents gruesome challenges for students. In order to pass it out, you will need to score at least 65%. This is the legitimate score that you need if you have to pass.  Compared to any other online and offline exam, PgMP certification is a tough nut to crack. There are many participants who could not clear it in the very first attempt. However, they made a glorious comeback with their intensive effort and cleared the exam in the second or third endeavor. 

The time constraints 

Now, let us have a reality check of the time constraints which you probably have. The certification process will need enough time involvement on your part. So, before you apply you need to make sure that you will be doing the needful in terms of capitalizing your time and effort.  You will take around 10 days or more to prepare yourself for the application as well the submission process. The aspect of application clearance will ask for 45 days or more. Then, you will be required to move on with an intensive learning initiative. It should go on for 90 days in the least. Once you have done that you will be geared up for the exam. 

High levels of motivation required 

The PgMP certification is a hard nut to crack for many. If you are aiming at this specific certification program, you should not let go of your motivation at all. Your motivation is the ultimate thing that would keep your hopes buoyed up. If you feel that there are times when your motivation is draining, you can replenish your minds and souls with soft music. You can also listen to motivational speeches and read motivational books. Your respective level of motivation can help you gain maximum leverage in this kind of a tough and competitive exam. 

Make up your mind 

When the PgMP certification is drawing near, you should have been ready with a tenacity to work as hard as possible. Your mind will play a vital role here. Do not let negative thoughts in. Make up your mind and try to specify the areas that need most of your time, effort and attention.  Click here if you want to have some positive guidelines on how to make up your mind for the upcoming crusade in the next few days. 

We hope you will grab some encouragement from the discussion that has been furnished here. Have a positive mindset and be clear about what your goals should be. If you are strategic in your initiatives and put in enough time for the preparation, no one is stopping your progress for sure. You can also listen to motivational speeches and read motivational books. Your respective level of motivation can help you gain maximum leverage in this kind of a tough and competitive exam

You can go for the PgMP certification even if you have the prestigious PMP in your arsenal. As a matter of fact, PgMP certification will be like another valuable feather added to your cap. Once you obtain the certification under your belt, you can expect a great surge in the compensation that you are getting at present.  

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