How can you grow Instagram followers? Guide by BFM

How can you grow Instagram followers? Guide by BFM

Instagram has grown to become the foundation of the social media presence of many brands driving lucrative traffic on landing pages increasing conversions and building an engaged user base.

In the event that you’re Instagram presence isn’t as strong as you’d like you’d like, it’s the right time you can improve your strategies to get genuine organic users on Instagram. The bigger your following grows and the greater opportunities for you to engage with your followers and create memorable experiences for them.

It is essential to distinguish between organic and paid. Vital Sometimes, brands choose the easiest route in order to Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia. Get Instagram Likes and follower websites are all over the place however these methods are not worth the effort because they are not worth it. System for Instagram is regularly modified to eliminate fake accounts, paid accounts and interactions.

In addition, the number of followers in your Instagram following will mean nothing when it’s not an active fan base that purchases or visits your landing pages and promotes your brand with their friends and followers. Get your Instagram profile up and running in the right manner by following these strategies for increasing your Instagram followers.

1. Improve your Instagram account

Before you begin finding out ways to increase your followers on Instagram one of the most crucial steps is to make sure your account is completely optimized. Consider your company’s Instagram profile like the “homepage” for your account.

Without an image caption, bio as well as a correct profile image or username what can people do to let users recognize that the account belongs to your company? It may sound easy but on Instagram your profile and bio create the basis of your branding identity. Your bio is the sole place to increase Instagram traffic to your website so optimizing your Instagram profile is crucial.

If you’re not sure which page to link to, you can try products or marketing pages that link to specific hashtags, keywords or posts using the Instagram account. The option of linking to your home page is fine- but why not provide users with a unifying experience when they go from your bio page to your website? This has led to the rise of IG page landing pages for links that contain relevant links to most recent items of content that are featured on the feed of a particular brand and “link to bio” posts that direct user to the relevant hyperlinks.

Keep your username as search-friendly as is possible that usually means sticking closely to your name. If the name of your business is long, you can shorten it to something your customers could recognize. Don’t include numbers or other particular characters on your account, and if you can, ensure it is consistent with the other social media handles that you already have.

The most effective way to improve your Instagram account is to develop and implement an Instagram marketing plan. Download this free eBook to help you get started.

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2. Keep a consistent content calendar

The most damaging thing you could do in order to build fans for Instagram is to upload content randomly, at random times. If you’re fortunate enough to have people following you from early on, then you won’t wish to lose them by making them forget that they were following you initially.

To avoid this, adhere the same schedule of posting. Generally, brands should not publish more than a couple times per day to keep out spam. However, whatever frequency you choose, try to ensure that it is constant. Around 200 million Instagram users visit the site every day and, to make your wide, try posting a few times during the day.

3. Plan Instagram posts ahead of time

Although Instagram’s Instagram algorithm has been changed to display users more content that they enjoy but posting at the correct time can make your posts more visible by increasing the amount of engagement that they receive.

There’s plenty your business can do to increase its awareness, and now, using Sprout Social, scheduling Instagram posts is just one of the options. With our latest tools, we’ll assist your company in scheduling content with a simple process.

By scheduling content ahead of time all of your team members can monitor schedules and campaigns more effectively. It is always advisable to plan your content prior to when you need it and using the help of our Instagram calendar tools, you’ll be able connect with your followers and keep the same flow of content all at the same while.

You can also utilize the trademarked Viral Post function to let us take care of the job for you. Viral Post examines your profile’s engagement history, and determines the best times to publish your content algorithmically.

Make the most of your Instagram content strategy with Sprout Social

Alongside creating a complete image of your Instagram content calendar, Sprout offers even more options to enhance your company’s feed.

Send IG-approved photos to your team members using the Asset Library, or test our grid-view feature that lets you ensure that every element of your image is in line with the style of your brand.

Have a first-hand review of these features and much more with the 30-day trial of Sprout.

4. Find brand ambassadors and partners to promote your content

If you’re looking to learn how to increase your Instagram followers, you need to understand the value of your followers. The more followers you have increases (organically) the greater number of potential buyers and customers will be able to attract.

The best method to encourage followers who follow your Instagram is to put yourself there and show up. It’s crucial to be active on your personal Instagram along with other accounts. Consider by sponsoring the content of users to have your company’s name prominently displayed in feeds of customers. You could also organize contests on Instagram to build awareness for your brand.

Reach a wider reach to a larger. These kinds of campaigns help build social proof by proving that your followers. Are engaged enough to be able to share your content or even create the content themselves. UGC.

Another method is to get your brand to a broader public. Make an effort to collaborate with larger Instagram accounts from your industry such as prominent influencers within your field to promote your content with their followers.

Make sure that you’re offering something valuable. The one thing you do not want to do is appear overly aggressive. Find collaborations in marketing and co-marketing plans that include other businesses to grow your Instagram following.


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