How are mobile phones not so good for mankind and the environment?

How are mobile phones not so good for mankind and the environment?

Mobile phones are not just limited to cellular telephones used for making the call and sending texts. They have evolved into handy cameras, organizers, music and video players, mini-computer and much more.

With all such functions in one place and the ease of availability with the constant development of features, it has become a surviving gadget in our lives. This has brought the reach to the far-spread universe into our hands, just a click or touch away – hence making our lives easier and at comfort.

The other side of mobile phones

With the advancement and expanse reach of mobile phones into our lives, it has got its negatives too in our lives.

Many people opt for 100% guaranteed loans to buy expensive phones without realizing the damage caused by mobile phones is the same. Some of the negative effects are being discussed below:

Disadvantages of mobile phones

1. Always available

It has become difficult to relax or isolate in the age of mobile phones from a social angle. You are always available. Just a call or text away. You are also expected to keep your phones switched on, and hence puts you under pressure to reply or be available.

Not only this but you are also expected to stay charged up and within reach always. And on top of it, an immediate response is often expected out of you.

2. Socially Disruptive

With the advent and popularity of social media platforms, social disruption has started to happen in multiple ways. One of the major ones is that your social presence does not define who you are.

You pretend and showcase the best version of yourself. Second, you get affected by what others are showing. It puts you under the pressure of being like them – virtual social pressure.

Other cons include becoming less involved in social meetings, such as spending a dinner party texting with friends rather than engaging with the one you have come for dinner. Or work calls during family time or personal time.

Hence, mobile phones are destroying the atmosphere at events and undermining social gatherings or meet-ups.

3. Never Ending Workday

Mobile phones have made you available in your office space too. Hence you can be contacted outside office work hours. You are often bothered during weekends or late office hours.

While in the past, an employee used to relax, rest, rejuvenate and enjoy during off-time from work. But nowadays, it’s odd if you aren’t reachable even while commuting to and from the office.

4. No Privacy

Since the prevalence of photo and video technology on phones, one of the major consequences is that personal privacy has become difficult to maintain. Almost every hand has a cell phone with a camera in it.

Everyone is ready to click a photograph, anywhere and anyhow. Hence the possibility of being photographed or filmed in any public situation has increased.

More damaging is the ease of spread of such photos or videos over the internet, public domains, and social media platforms. And it is in the hands of the poster (spreader) what is being shared or spread with what context.

5. Battery Keeps Running Out

Being an electronic gadget, a cell phone is reliant on a battery. And with so many features continuously running in the background, battery draining is one of the concerns of any mobile user.

You need to regularly check how much power is left and need to charge it as well. Even though the battery power (technology) has become better with high power batteries, the mobile features and apps are also getting updated with advanced functions and features, making the mobile more power-hungry.

And hence the need to keep charging your phone or keep the alternatives available such as power banks.

6. Continuous Expense

Since there is constant advancement happening every month, owning and keeping an up-to-date mobile phone doesn’t come cheap.

The problem with constantly advancing technology is that phone models become archaic relatively faster and requires an upgrade.

7. Spam

As we discussed earlier, the reach of mobile phones has expanded so much that almost every person is carrying a cell phone, advertising through cell phones is one of the best ways to market.

This often leads to receiving unsolicited sales calls or texts, which is annoying and disruptive for you. Generally, they don’t involve real callers and are computer-generated calls of texts.

Not only this, but money-making scams are also becoming common where they often target vulnerable members of society and take out the money in illegal ways.

8. Hinders Sleep

There is a lot of evidence through research that excess use of mobile phones leads to sleep deprivation, especially when used late at night and before going to bed. Especially for students or teenagers, who need a good sleep but suffer most from sleep problems often related to mobile phones.

9. Major reason for Accidents

People have become so engrossed in their phones, especially while walking or driving. This leads to a distracted mind, and hence people bump into others, collide with things, or even worse, you step onto the road without looking at the vehicles coming.

The effects of distraction are even worse for people while driving, such as making or receiving calls, texting, or other functions of the phone. The distraction can result in serious road accidents and casualties.

10. Health Problems

There have been many studies that suggest the ill effects of the electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones, which causes harm to our health. Cancer has been cited as a possible side effect of excessive or long term usages of the phone.

While the possibility of cancer still has no solid proof, other illnesses such as stress, neck pains, and eye-sight issues are proven to be an ill effect of prolonged usage of cell phones.


While there are many advantages of having and using a mobile phone, which has reduced the distances between people (virtually at least), it has its own ill effects on our mind & body both.

In fact, the debaters are even going to the extent of saying that the harmful side of cell phones or rather the level of usage it has reached into our lives is more dangerous and harmful to us than the advantages it provides.

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