How Are B2B Marketers Learning From TikTok?

TikTok’s audience has increased since the COVID pandemic in 2020. The application has successfully engaged, uplifted, and won over the public with everything from dancing challenges to heartwarming stories. Companies started to promote their business through TikTok efficiently with the strategy of expanding their organic followers by choosing the right option to buy TikTok followers forĀ  reach of their business updates. Since TikTok does not fit every demographics, time constraint, or overall message, some B2B companies have decided to ignore it. On the other hand, many have given the application a fair chance. With its strong customer engagement, interaction, and distinctiveness, businesses are lured to the famous strategic medium. How could your B2B business stay on top of the social curve without installing the application? Here are eight valuable tricks and tips that TikTok may teach your company.

1. Make Use Of Video Marketing

By this year, Cisco predicts that video will account for more than 80percent of the overall global web traffic. With the right plan, video advertising campaigns may reach millions of people in a short amount of time. The more successful corporate videos deliver intriguing stories to the viewers and urge them to interact with them. Using social media to convey an engaging story needs imagination, knowledge, and the appropriate strategy. TikTok is a success in the storytelling industry; that is why users find the application so addictive, fast-paced, and entertaining.

2. The Community

People were looking for social connection, positive encounters, and companionship after the COVID isolation. During these challenging circumstances, TikTok allowed us to see into the lives of others in a manner that seemed more personal than Facebook or Instagram. Many users use the program to connect with people with common interests, activities, or life experiences. Ever since, businesses have used TikTok to develop brand consciousness videos aimed at certain populations and interests. Creating a platform for your company might help you stand out from the competition and make consumers feel extra welcomed. If you’re a B2B or B2C business, community engagement may be beneficial, especially during difficult times.

3. Customs And Traditions

You must create a culture in the digital platform with your customers, just as you must create a culture in the office setting. Establishing buyer trust, openness, variety, inclusiveness, and fairness is creating a strong company culture. TikTok has demonstrated its commitment to culture by developing a Creative Diverse Collaborative, which gathers people from all backgrounds to guarantee that the platform is diverse and inclusive. Your company must develop ways to enable everyone to feel liked and welcomed regardless of race, religion, or gender.

4. The Hook For The Audience

Keep it brief and to the point. According to studies, the typical attention focus is about 8 seconds. B2B companies should keep their films under 30 seconds long, according to digital marketing specialists. As demonstrated by TikTok, this timing strategy is extremely effective in capturing and maintaining client attention. With this method, the app’s videos perform a fantastic job of captivating their audiences. The videos are simple to follow, user-friendly, and brief. Keep this in mind the next time you’re creating video content for the company!

5. Authenticity

As a marketer, one of the greatest critical abilities you could have is the ability to create authentic material. Individuals, not brands, are the ones who are followed. Customers can trust you better if you are genuine, honest, and informed about the firm on video. Live video broadcasting can also increase the number of views and conversations with customers. TikTok, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, has a live component built into its platform. Choose which social media platform is ideal for you and attempt to go live on it.

6. Empathy Is Number Six

TikTok was created to understand the needs and desires of its users. The social medium publicizes videos for the newsfeed based on past likes and engagements with its material. So if you’ve been on for a lengthy moment, videos that inspire you to enjoy a hiatus from the application or go to nap will appear. Since its introduction, TikTok has grown to 850+ million active users in over 150 nations, surpassing Facebook and Instagram.

7. Difficulties

TikTok has piqued the attention of people of all ages with dancing and lip-syncs contests, as well as the #plankchallenge as well as #updownchallenge. Family members have participated in the excitement and are soon addicted to the TikTok movement. To maintain client engagement high, every business could develop engaging challenges on its media networks. If you’re a B2B firm, go imaginative and challenge your employees or customers to follow a trend. It’s critical to maintain your audience’s attention and be up to date on the current trends. Your audiences will recognize and respond appropriately to your efforts.


Since LinkedIn and Twitter are still the standard methods for B2B marketing, it’s never a bad idea to learn how TikTok has become so popular and what you could do to improve your individual firm’s social presence. You may believe that keeping up with online media trends is impossible for the B2B firm, but we urge you to try one of these engaging techniques today.

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