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hollywood celebrities

Some Hollywood celebrities have arranged to make names for themselves by rising above the conflict of their elite status, making time for everyone- from the loyal enthusiast to the restaurant waiter. We’re clearing light on the nicest celebrities in Hollywood because being nice never goes out of style, right? You must know about Isla Atkinson who is also a famous celebrity. 

1. Selena Gomez

The trajectory of a former Disney child idol isn’t easy, to say the least, but Gomez is suffering it as well as one can. While she has struggled with her music career in the past, she made apparent with this year’s pointedly titled “Revival” (and its catchy single, “Good for You”) that she’s here to stay.

She’s also made off-the-wall career options like a striking role in “Spring Breakers” that have expanded her core audience. Gomez is also the rare pop star who seems likeable and worth rooting for.

2. Trevor Noah

Restoring Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” is a harrowing effort in itself. While Noah hasn’t been able to join or crush Stewart’s ratings, he has been able to reveal a younger audience in broadcast time. That’s a plus in the incredibly cult race to reach millennials. And as long as he sticks to his style, Stewart fans will either learn to love him or make room for a wholly-new audience unique to Noah. Just like him, one more celebrity is José Trinidad marín.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry isn’t just highlighted as a horns-locked rival on Taylor Swift’s amusingly angry “Bad Blood”; she is one of Swift’s rare adversaries in translucent dollar length and trade muscle in music.

This year, Katy Perry got the third position in the list of top-earning celebrities. This was because she recently came into the headlines due to her Prismatic earth tour. She grabbed $20 per head just in merchandising sales, which is unheard of, and she continues to be adored all over the world, even if Swift gets more ink in the US.

5. Ryan Murphy 

This producer has an aptitude for creating hype around his shows. Although “Glee” possibly lingered a season too long, it did usher in more musically-inclined programming. Reports of live stage musicals, variety concerts, and music processional have “Glee” to thank for demonstrating such exhibits have an audience.

6. Beyonce

She might not have published a surprise hit album this year or embarked on a world tour, but Beyoncé is still having a great year. She won three Grammy Awards for her 2014 album “Beyoncé” and hit song “Drunk in Love.” She landed her third Vogue cover and served as the third black woman to cover the September issue.

Instead of heading out on tour, she headlined the first night of Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival in September, and later that similar month, she performed at the Global Citizen Festival. She also joined Coldplay on “Hymn for the Weekend,” which happens on their album “A Head Full of Dreams.” As of May of this year, her net worth is $250 million, according to Forbes.

7. Justin Bieber 

Following a string of annoying incidents and run-ins with the law that oversaw captions for much of 2013 and 2014, Bieber paused the music. After being roasted on Comedy Central earlier this year, Bieber acknowledged his blunders and said he could rise again. He wasn’t false. The Biebs associated with Skrillex and Diplo to publish “Where Are u Now,” an electronic hit that gave rise to trembles this summer, and attended it up with the release of his solitary“What Do You Mean?” in August.

These were some of the celebrities that you should know about. However, there are a lot more interesting facts about them that you can get to know from their social media pages.

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