10 Mandatory Tips to Help You Choose High-quality Thermal Paper


Thermal paper is a special type of paper coated with various chemicals. The chemical changes its color when it is exposed to heat. Thermal papers provide high-definition images. In addition to that, they are also durable, long-lasting, and offer fast printing. They are widely used in point-of-sale terminals, debit or credit card machines, or retail businesses to print bills, receipts, etc.

Is it mandatory to choose high-quality thermal paper?

Thermal paper comes with several benefits, but if the paper contains BPA it could also pose various health risks. A few of the most dangerous health threats posed by BPA in receipts include breast and prostate cancer, complications in the reproductive system, brain development abnormalities, and many others. Hence, you should choose the BPA-free thermal paper rolls.

Apart from your health, the wrong or low-quality thermal receipt paper can also damage your equipment. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose the best thermal paper manufacturers and ensure that you get the best quality paper.

Essential Points to consider while choosing a thermal paper

We understand that it is quite tricky to choose the best thermal paper. Therefore, in this section, we will discuss the most important points that you must remember while purchasing your thermal paper rolls: – 

  1. Paper thickness

The thick layers of the material used in thermal receipt paper make it robust and long-lasting. In America, the thickness of a thermal paper is measured in “mils.” Moreover, one mil is equal to 1/10000th of an inch. Hence, you should always go for thicker thermal paper as it will be more durable and robust.

  1. High and low sensitivity thermal paper

The level to which a thermal paper reacts to a specific amount of heat exposure or energy denotes the sensitivity of the thermal paper. Therefore, you should always consider the sensitivity level of the thermal paper coating as well as the heat output of your machine during printing. Hence, make sure you discuss the paper sensitivity with thermal paper manufacturers.

Here, we also want you to understand that the high or low sensitivity of the paper determines the print quality or shelf-life of the document. Hence, it will help you choose thermal paper or credit card machine paper rolls of high quality.

And if you are looking for high-quality receipt paper for your POS terminal like the Verifone vx520 credit card machine, it’s better you should go for Verifone vx520 credit paper size card machine paper and other customized thermal paper receipt rolls.

The printer’s heat and thermal paper’s sensitivity have an inverse correlation. It means that if a printer delivers high heat levels, it will provide a good print on a low-sensitivity thermal paper and vice versa. Moreover, the low-sensitivity thermal paper roll price is cheaper than the high sensitivity thermal paper.

  1. Paper Size

Thermal papers come in different sizes and choosing the wrong thermal paper size for your thermal printer can damage the printer. Hence, before purchasing the thermal paper rolls wholesale, you should always know the machine specifications and choose the right paper size.

  1. Moisture Tolerance

Some thermal papers lose their legibility and become hard to read when they are exposed to moisture. Hence, you must keep it in a dry environment.  Therefore, you should purchase thermal paper that comes with a protective waterproof coating.

  1. Temperature Tolerance

Thermal papers often get damaged when they are stored at temperature levels exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, this level of temperature is reachable in some storage spaces and vehicles. Therefore, you should buy the best quality thermal paper that can withstand high-temperature levels.

  1. Price

The thermal paper roll price is primarily determined by its quality. Bright thermal papers offer better ink legibility and a high level of contrast between the printed areas and glossy paper. Therefore, they cost higher than the dull thermal papers that offer low ink-legibility and poor contrast. Apart from this, dull thermal paper can also cause paper jamming or machine damage.

  1. Paper Quantity

Many thermal paper manufacturers or suppliers offer great discounts when a customer buys the product in bulk. Therefore, if you use thermal receipt paper on a regular basis, you can order in bulk. However, if you are purchasing from a new thermal paper supplier, you should begin with a smaller order.

  1. Know different options

To know about the right paper for your thermal printer, you must find out which paper roll size is compatible with it. There is no universal thermal paper size. Therefore, you cannot select the paper rolls randomly.

  1. Choose Reliable Retailer

You should always choose a reliable thermal paper manufacturer to ensure that you get thermal paper rolls of high quality. For this, you can contact a company that has a strong track record in this industry, or you can begin with a smaller order.

Here, please keep in mind that you should not rush into a buying decision. You must check out all the available options carefully and shop from a reputable manufacturer.

  1. Opt for BPA-Free thermal Paper

As we mentioned earlier, Bisphenol A or BPA is a synthetic chemical coating on the thermal paper’s surface that reacts with heat to produce images on it. However, BPA in receipt paper is a toxic chemical that leads to various health issues and many dangerous diseases.

Therefore, you should choose the thermal paper manufacturers that do not use BPA in receipts. By using the BPA-free thermal paper rolls & Bond Paper, you can save your customers as well as yourself from adverse effects on health. Apart from this, BPA is also harmful to the environment. Hence, by using the BPA-free thermal paper rolls, you can also save the environment.


There is no doubt that thermal papers are cost-effective, durable, and offer fast printing. But lack of knowledge about thermal paper, like thermal paper roll price or how to buy the best quality paper, often leads many customers to wrong decisions.

However, with the help of the information provided in the above blog, we hope you can choose high-quality thermal paper rolls at reasonable prices. Here, we have explained the most important tips that you should use while purchasing thermal paper. In addition to that, you can also understand the harmful effects of BPA in receipts and how you can avoid it by using BPA-free thermal paper.

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