Here’s why buying wheels and tires from Audio City USA makes sense

It has been proven time and again that selecting the right retailer plays a major role when you are purchasing discount wheels and tires

Not all retailers are the same, as you well know. Some offer a wide variety of aftermarket rims and tires from the biggest corporations in the world. Some do not.

Some retailers offer even the most ambitious and niche rims available, like Avant Garde Wheels

Not all do.

Most of all, choosing a retailer also involves selecting one that has the expertise and the professionalism to help you select tires and wheels for even your favorite heavy-duty vehicles. You will also get F 150 wheels at these centers.

Our personal favorite is California’s Audio City USA, a 3-decade old institution which has emerged as one of the most popular and prolific destinations for discount wheels and tires in the Sunny State. 

Here are some reasons we love them.

How is Audio City USA different?

This is not meant to be a sponsored post or a laudatory post, you see. It reflects what we have seen in the last few years in our quest to find those elusive perfect custom wheels!

Being in the automotive space, we have to research a lot- and we have received great help from the experts at Audio City USA.

Here’s why you can trust them.

  • Spectacular variety of aftermarket rims: Audio City USA is, quite possibly, one of the best-stocked retailers not only across California but across the country. From the highlanders like Fuel Wheels, Avant Garde Wheels, Lexani and other big names to extremely niche players, you will find almost every new model right here under the same roof.

One reason why Audio City USA has prospered is because it realizes how essential it is to stock the newest discount wheels and tires currently available. This is a very diversified market and people who buy aftermarket wheels need changes to their styles and aesthetics frequently.

That’s why they will go to great lengths to find the latest launches from their favorite brands.

Audio City USA has observed this trend even before some of the biggest wheel manufacturers existed! That’s one reason why they always stock up with the latest F 150 wheels and so on- to keep their shelves fresh with the latest trends out there.

  • Assured savings: When you buy wheels and tires from Audio City USA, you actually get up to 70% discounts! Happy times flow plenty at this center, and it comes often. This is one of the reasons why we recommend most of our readers to go for their quota of discount wheels and tires from this specific retailer. 

We have learned that the retailer purchases its stocks directly from the companies, and there are no intermediaries or third parties involved. This is probably one of the major reasons why they can provide such percentages on discounts.

Besides, every wheel and every tire up for grabs during peak discount seasons are checked for quality and the retailer guarantees that these wheels and tires will be of the highest quality. All through the year.

  • Financing options available: Audio City USA was one of the first retailers in California to offer financing options to its clients. It realized the importance of these options. Truth be told, most F 150 wheels can be pretty expensive, and a bit of financial help is required on most occasions. 

The facility offers the familiar ‘lease-to-own’ options besides tie-ups with financing companies who will help you purchase any product that catches your fancy- they can be Avant Garde Wheels or anything indeed.

Once the process is completed, you can easily take home a set of fantastic wheels that are guaranteed to give your vehicle a facelift.

Please note that financing is not guaranteed. For more details, you will have to get in touch with the facility. You can call them on 888.814.1158.

  • The Mecca for off-road wheel lovers: Audio City USA started the trend (at least in California) of storing high-performance off –road wheels at a time when they were deemed to be the playthings of the wealthy. From what we understood upon interaction with some of their oldest employees, they had realized that off-road wheels would revolutionize the world of discount wheels and tires.

And how right they were! Currently, off-road rims dominate the market in an overarching manner. It is a nod to their prescience that we really appreciated!

  • Easy shipments to all 50 States: Audio City USA sells a variety of products (including steps and boards plus an array of lifts) to customers from across the United States. These are shipped to their destinations at very reasonable rates.

If you stay in California, you can also avail the free tracking service that the Center offers. Tracking, or wheel alignment, is a must every time you buy discount wheels and tires for proper performance and to save on fuel as well.

In parting

If you are still waiting for the next range of Avant Garde Wheels to launch, don’t! You will surely find the latest models at Audio City USA.

Log on to their website, fill in a few minor details, and you are set to go!

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