Here’s How You Can Earn Extra Money on the Side

Here’s How You Can Earn Extra Money on the Side

There’s a good chance you need some extra cash every once in a while, to fall back on. But unless you run an empire or a giant e-commerce company that shares its name with a rainforest, it’s hard to make that extra money. Jobs barely pay enough to cover bare minimum costs. And with the ongoing pandemic, things seem unsteady and unreliable.  Especially with regard to money, but you can always rely on Cox cable deals. Under these conditions, it’s more important than ever to have some ‘emergency cash on the side.

However, earning money is hard enough, so how do you work hard enough to get those additional wads! Here are 10 ways you can earn extra cash without breaking a sweat:

Rent Your House

No, we’re not asking you to live on the streets while somebody else occupies your space. If you can spare a room or an area in your house, you could make a steady income on the side. Subletting even a single room can help in this case. This guarantees some extra money every month. And you don’t even need to do anything except empty out a spare space. Do you have that upper portion that nobody uses? Or that room you thought you’d convert into a study? Rent it out. And make some profit off it.

Tutor Online

There are a lot of skills that people today are eager to learn. You can teach whatever you’re good at. Gone are the days when tutoring required being a high achiever or an academic genius. In 2021, things like video gaming and photo editing are considered real skills. So, you have it relatively easy. Plus, tutors make a good amount of money. Especially if they have access to students from all around the world. Moreover, this won’t even take up too much time and effort. Just an hour weekly or daily could get you a good sum of money. Below are some sites where you can teach online:



Club Z

Smarthinking (Acquired by Pearson Education)

Buddy School


Freelancing writing is easily one of the most used options for making extra money. There are a lot of digital platforms where you can apply to. Once they hire you, you’re required to write on a variety of topics. They can range from travel, art, and food to history, science, or even sports. And the good news is, you don’t even have to leave your bed! All that’s required is a stable internet connection. Nothing more. Plus, freelancing is usually flexible and doesn’t require a strict schedule or fixed deadlines. Here are the top-rated sites for freelancing.






Become an Influencer

But use your influence for good. Actually, not even responsible influencing is a requirement with this side hustle. You can do literally whatever you want, how ever you want to, and you’ll still get paid. That is if you reach a certain number of followers.

To become an influencer, there’s no additional work or skillset required. You can literally do the bare minimum but record yourself doing the bare minimum. And add a nice soundtrack. That’s it. That alone could get you hundreds of followers. The internet is a strange place today. In fact, most famous influencers that made it big just filmed themselves eating or buying groceries or working. There’s no great formula to becoming an internet sensation. Plus, you get free PR packages. Along with money. And the best part is, you don’t even need to do anything. Just turn your camera on when you go about your day. Here are some influencers that became popular by filming only day-to-day activities.

Emma Chamberlain

Olivia Rouyre

Devon Lee Carson

Binging with Babish

Jenn Im

Jessica Clements

Ellie Thumann


Nobody enjoys being around babies round the clock. They’re loud, incessant, and smelly. But only a few hours with them could get you some extra money. It really isn’t as shady as it sounds. You take care of other people’s kids. And get paid for it. Without having to do too much. While younger kids can be a handful, you could babysit the slightly older ones that require less attention. And make sure their parents are rich. This way you’ll get maximum money for doing the bare minimum.


This not only guarantees money but also happiness. Imagine being around fluffy, big dogs and getting paid for it. Can you imagine a happier job? A lot of people don’t have the time to take care of their dogs. This could be because of work, or stress, or even children. So, they’re always looking for alternative ways to keep their pets healthy and happy. And usually, dog sitting only requires you to take these animals on a walk. In some cases, their owners will ask you to take care of their pets while they’re away for vacation. Not only will you make more money this way but also get to spend all day with dogs. But, make sure you do this responsibly. Pay special attention to their meals, walks, and playtime.

By Arslan Hussain

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