Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Disney Plus

Disney Plus

This post is all about Disney Plus, which you may have heard of from the upcoming streaming service that will replace Disney Movies Anywhere. If you’re one of the many who has been wondering what exactly this new platform entails and how it will be different from other streaming services on the market, then this is just for you!

As a bonus, we’ve included what does and doesn’t change with this new Disney-centric service.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a streaming service that will be replacing both Disney Movies Anywhere and the current Disney-owned Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar streaming services.

Along with the previously mentioned properties. The service will also host content from ABC Television Group (including any future Marvel shows after The Inhumans) and National Geographic (starting with their hit TV show Naked and Afraid ).

In addition, the service will be a hub for exclusive and original content from Disney-owned brands, like ESPN and Freeform. Notable shows include a live-action series based on the classic animated film The Jungle Book from director Jon Favreau (who won an Oscar for his live-action remake of Cinderella ), a TV series based on the popular High School Musical franchise, and new episodes of both Disney Junior programming block Toon Disney’s preschool show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, and Descendants: Wicked World.

Disney is available on the web and through select devices at launch. But the service officially launches on November 12, 2019.


What doesn’t change with Disney Plus?

Unlike services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, everything you currently watch from these services will be available for you to watch on Disney Plus. Netflix will also be available for download of all of the previous seasons of Disney Channel shows such as Descendants, School Of Rock, and Good Luck Charlie, when they become available.


Along these same lines, Disney Plus does not change the way that you can use your existing Disney Movies Anywhere storage.

How will Disney Plus work?

Disney Plus will be available through a subscription service, similar to services like HBO Now and Showtime Anytime. The basic tier (which is free) allows you to stream movies and shows from the aforementioned properties and features the entire library of content from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and ABC television.

The Premium tier ($9.99/month) will offer all of the aforementioned content, including the entire Disney library and originals, as well as live-streaming channels for ESPN+, along with a number of other original programs.

There are also add-ons for additional Disney Channels (like Disney XD and Disney Junior), as well as ad-free viewing for $2.99/month.

How do I get Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is currently available on the web, mobile devices, and select streaming devices, including the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, and select smart TVs from Samsung.

All of these devices will offer in a package deal for $5.99/month for the first six months if you sign up before October 12, 2019.

What is the point of Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a service meant to be more inclusive than services like Netflix. You can subscribe for the basic subscription, or pay extra to gain access to even more content.

In addition, Disney’s focus on original programming means that this service isn’t just about movies and TV shows; it’s also about creating (and potentially licensing) new content alongside the Disney-owned brands.

Disney+ will likely be successful considering the company’s reach and the amount of popular content that can obtain through this one service.

It has already been announced that, within the first year of launch, Disney Plus will hit 8 million subscribers.

Despite all of this, Disney has downplayed the importance of subscriber counts, claiming it’s all about delivering a great experience to its audience.

How much will Disney Plus cost?

Disney Plus will be largely the same as other streaming services like Netflix. Which offers $9.99/month (or $7.99/month for the basic tier) for the premium tier, and $4.99/month for ad-free viewing of all content (Premium includes ESPN+).

The premium tier has a basic version that costs $7.99/month. But if you select that tier in your first year of subscription, you will pay the standard rate of $8.99/month.

You can also get a free trial for the Premiere tier for up to 60 days.

In addition, Disney+ will be ad-free with the $8.99/month subscription. You can pay an extra $2.99/month to remove ads from all content you watch on the platform (except any Disney Plus shows that have ads built into them).

All of these prices will not increase once they are set, with the ad-free viewing option cost the same in your first year as it will in later years.

How do I cancel Disney Plus?

If you’d like to cancel your subscription to Disney Plus, all you have to do is log into your account and click on the “cancel subscription” link at the bottom of your account page.

You can also cancel your subscription through the app or on your streaming device.

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