Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Bungee Jumping in Goa

Bungee jumping

Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Bungee Jumping in Goa


Goa is not just about beautiful beaches and beautiful beaches. Goa today is becoming one of the best entertainment destinations in India. Bungee jumping is one game that can provide the highest adrenaline rush and explosives for anyone who loves adventure games. Bungee jumping in Goa is the latest in a series of exciting high-level sports events. What distinguishes the fascinating knowledge of Bungee jumping in Goa is the tranquility and the amazing beauty of the fascinating Bungee jumping spots. Most of them are close to the sea and are unmatched by any other information in any other city. Here is your guide to this fast-paced adrenaline rush. Do not miss the fun of bungee jumping on your next trip to Goa.

Top 5 Bungee Jumping Places In Goa

Whether you are a self-sacrificing person, or just want to explore these places. Here is a selection of the best Bungee Jumping places in Goa – for the most exciting, fun, and safe experience.

1. Jumpin Heights

Jumpin Heights is one of the most popular names in Bungee Jumping in India. Made famous for its Bungee Jumping site in Rishikesh – its Goa location is the second largest in the country. It is located in the peaceful surroundings of Mayem Lake – this is a great place for recreation.

What sets Jumpin Heights apart from some of its most experienced coaches – is international trainers from New Zealand. This is the only bungee jumping site in Goa sponsored by Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). Hosted by former military men the bungee site is approved by the Goa Government. Located in a small, peaceful small town north of Goa – the area is surrounded by dense jungle.

  • Activity Zone: Mayem Lake, Bicholim prefecture
  • Bungee Jump Height: 55 Mtrs
  • Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM; It closes on Tuesday
  • Price: INR 4100 / – (excluding GST)

2. Gravity Zone

This bungee place is in a very beautiful place near the scenic beauty of Anjuna beach. The best part of this bungee area is its low height of only 25 meters. This makes it a great place for new beginners, kids, or if you are new to the game and want to try it at a lower level. This is one of the oldest bungee sites in Goa. Located about 10 km from Calangute Beach this area offers an excellent bungee jumping experience. This place will also give you a reason to experience the sensual beauty of the clean Anjuna valley. It is definitely one of the best bungee jumping places in Goa.

  • Activity Zone: Gravity Zone, Anjuna Village, Goa 403509, Landmark- Anjuna Beach.
  • Bungee Jump Height: 25 meters
  • Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • Price: INR 500–4500.

3. Sea Water Games

Sea Water Sports in Goa offers one of the best places to try your first bungee jumping experience. This is an extremely safe option with a host of experienced and trained instructors who make you feel comfortable and who will always guide you. One of the best parts about this site is its accreditation with STANZ (Standard of Australia New Zealand).

The best part of this site is the availability of different packages to suit one needs – there are custom packages for traveling with your family, friends, children, and companies. These packages are usually brewed with beer to relax after your jump and delicious lunch or breakfast. Unlimited cold drinks are recommended here.

  • Activity Zone: Flysports Adventure Park, Vadawal, Latambarcem, Goa 403503
  • Bungee Jump Height: 50, 60, or 70-meter, Options Available
  • Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Price: Approximately 2500 / – for children. As well as roughly INR 3700 for adults.Price may vary depending on the month/day/time of your visit

4. Goa Bungy

This is one of the latest installments of bungee jumping in Goa. This place is located near Anjuna beach in a fun place. This area offers information on jumping bungee immersion and perhaps the highest diving bungee in the region. The site was founded in consultation with Columbian bungee jumping experts the site boasts a very friendly team that helps you relax and have one of the best experiences of your life. This area has a tendency to reduce the risk of accidents and accidents.

The fascinating experience of this place enhances the amazing beauty of Anjuna beach and the surrounding area. It has the perfect setting for being one of the most memorable events in your life, one that you will surely cherish for a long time. Spot also offers to capture these memorable moments in video or photos clicked at different angles. There is a state-of-the-art video and photography team that records your best moments as you dive into the glory.

  • Activity Zone: 1716/1 Sorrento Waddo, Anjuna Bardez, Goa 403509
  • Bungee Jump Height: 61 Meters
  • Hours: 9 am – 6 pm, Daily
  • Price: INR 3750 / – for adults, INR 2550 / – for children. There are additional costs for photos / videos

 5. Atlantis Watersports

Atlantis watersports offer a variety of adventure games in Goa. The latest addition to its list of adrenaline bungee jumps. The Bungee jump here follows the STANZ guidelines. They have friendly trainers and the staff. The ultimate bungee point in this area is the availability of different 4K cameras to capture your professional video at different angles and copter shooting. It is one of the best bungee jumping places in Goa.

  • Location: 12, Simplex Chamber, Umad Waddo, Near Baga Circle, Next To RBL Bank, Calangute, Goa 403516
  • Bungee Jump Height: 50/60/70 meter options.
  • Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Price: INR 3999 / – adult. INR 1699 / – for a child between the ages of 10 and 16 years.
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