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If you’re a college freshman, chances are that you probably have some idea what dorm life is like and how it can get crazy sometimes. It’s the last year of high school and your childhood, so naturally, everyone wants to “party” for the last time. What most people don’t know is that college dorm parties are more organized than high school ones, and provide a ton of resources for safety.

Getting to the college dorm parties :

Most college dorm parties are very organized and provide transportation to and from the party as well as designated drivers. It is usually also a requirement that some of the people bring alcohol to the party, so most freshmen will take a few beers, or shots with them to ensure that there is enough alcohol for everyone.

Random chugging:

College parties are, as a rule, very safe. However, just because everyone is drinking does not mean that you can’t get seriously drunk and be completely safe. If you are a new college freshman and don’t know what “chugging” means then you should find out. Chugging is when people drink beer and shoot it in the same glass at the same time. However, this is not a good idea for everyone, so understanding how much you can drink before getting intoxicated is important. One thing to remember while drinking is that if you are at a college party, you are going to be taking shots and chugging beers. This means that you will probably be drinking more alcohol than you normally would and can get very, very drunk.

The rules:

There are some rules to follow while partying at college. First, if you see someone throwing up, then try not to get in their way. It’s not funny or cute and will just make everyone else feel bad for them. Second, if you see someone who looks like they might need help, then try and get someone to help them. College parties are really safe and often staffed by EMTs or other people who are there to keep an eye on the party. These people want to make sure that everyone is having a good time and doesn’t feel unsafe.

Getting home:

If you notice that someone is being taken advantage of or isn’t being safe, it is your job to step in and save them. Whether that means getting them a cab or bringing them to their dorm room, it is your duty as a human being. If you are walking home with someone and they can no longer walk on their own, then you are morally obligated to carry them the rest of the way home or put them in a cab.

Dealing with alcohol:

You should not drink too much alcohol when your friends are around. College parties are stocked with water and ice so if you need to rehydrate, then use those resources. Keep in mind that beer is really expensive, so drinking too much at the party is not a good idea. If you are drinking alcohol and someone else needs help, then the best thing to do is to take them back with you and make sure they have a safe ride home.

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Staying safe:

College parties happen all over campus, with parties happening in dorms and frat houses as well as houses on other campuses. A lot of the parties happen during the weekends, but don’t let that fool you. There are also a ton of parties on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights as well. It is important to keep your grades up in college and that means keeping up with your classes. If you have a party midterm week, then you should stay after or get some extra help from an instructor.

Oh and remember, if you are feeling sick, you can use the bathroom at the party and find someone to help you. At some point when everyone is drunk, everyone will throw up. It’s just a fact of college life. The best thing to do is to try not to think about it too much or make a big deal out of it. Just make sure you use the bathroom, and when you are finished, find someone to help you.

How to find a party:

The best way to find a party is by talking with your friends. They will know how to get transportation, where the parties are, and how much it costs. Once you find a party on campus that looks good, check out the details about it. Is there a designated driver? Is it a safe party? What do we need to bring to the party, and what will be provided for us? You can also check out other college parties around campus on social media. That way you can find lower-key parties that have cheap transportation and provide you with plenty of beer. The best thing you can do to party safely and have fun is to explore campus and see what the different parties around campus have to offer you.

College parties are a blast, but they are also filled with a lot of responsibility when it comes to drinking. If you are concerned about safety, then contact your campus police department or your local police station for more information about how to stay safe during your time as a college student. Stay in control by following the rules and finding good resources on alcohol consumption. Being safe on campus is important, and staying healthy should be a priority.


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