Hazardous Impacts of Blocked Drains

Hazardous Impacts of Blocked Drains

A proper drainage system ensures the uninterrupted removal of water from a property. But, the drains become blocked with time. Oil, pet hairs, dust particles, solid waste, paper products and many other things enter the drains with water and get stuck in the pipe. This collection of sewage in the pipes leads to serious problems. To prevent these problems, it is essential to book blocked drain services. In these services, water restoration Adelaide professionals use effective techniques and protect you from the following impacts of blocked drains: 

Impact on Health

Drains blocked with solid waste could result in sewage backup. You could notice the black water coming up from the kitchen or bathroom drains when there are blockages in the pipes. The black water contains toxins, germs, pathogens, faecal matter and many other unwanted elements. When water touches the human body or contaminates the air, health gets affected. People often face problems like infections and allergies when black water spills out of the drains. 

  1. Horrible Smells 

The waste collected in the drains decays with time. The bacteria break down the particles in the pipes. Unpleasant smell is released from the pipes during the procedure. The smell is too strong and could affect human health. In sewage cleaning Adelaide service, the experts remove the waste from the drains and deodorise the area as well to eliminate the odours. 

  1. Structural Damage to Property 

When water spills back from the drains, it destroys the flooring, wooden structures and sidings in a house or office. The walls become mouldy while the wooden floor becomes moist and damaged. Apart from structural damage, personal belongings are also ruined by sewage water. Carpets, furniture, curtains and many other things get affected because of sewage backup. 

  1. Mould and Pest Infestation 

Dirt and moisture are two factors that attract mould, mildew and pests. You would surely notice a surge in the number of pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes and termites after sewage flooding. Moreover, the colourful mould particles spread all over the flooded area within a couple of days. To ensure that the house remains free from mould and pests, you should hire experts for blocked drain services.

The cleaners use deep cleaning methods for drains. They extract the dirty water from the property and ensure that no pests and mould develop in the flooded area. 

  1. Slow Removal of Water 

Drains blocked with debris and dirt could become a pain in the neck. You would find it hard to clean the utensils or take a shower because water would not pass through drains quickly. Imagine your kitchen or bathroom becoming a swimming pool because of clogged drains. Isn’t it scary? This could become reality if you don’t pay attention to blocked drains. You could seek help from the experts immediately after noticing the signs of blockages. With electrical, chemical and mechanical methods, the experts would eliminate the dirt from the drains. 

  1. Risk of Water Leakages

The pressure in water pipelines increases due to blocked drain pipes. To ensure that even and quick water removal takes place, it is important to clean the drains. If you fail to do so, the water would start leaking from many places in the pipes. The situation could get worse with time. If you don’t want to replace the pipelines, consider booking drain cleaning services after every few months. This would help you in multiple ways. 

Wrapping Up!

The drains in your house must be cleaned deeply at regular intervals to ensure the smooth elimination of wastewater. If you leave the drains dirty for a long time, the problem of sewage backup would occur. All the valuables and property structures would be affected because of filthy water. In such a case, only sewage cleaning Adelaide service could help you. Next time, you notice an unpleasant smell or sewage back up in your bathroom drain pipes; make it a point to hire the experts. 


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