Guide to Types of Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a practice. It’s a practice of thinking deep and having patience. It’s about spending time with yourself. Meditation is all about connecting with your higher self. It can be done with chanting or sitting in silence. There are a number of reasons why it’s done. It ranges from religious and spiritual purposes. It’s basically a method of evoking relaxation.

In the hectic world, meditation has gained traction. It has become the only way to manage stress in life. From mindfulness meditation to vipassana meditation, there are many forms of meditation. As per the scientific evidence, meditations are tools to fight chronic illnesses. Depression, anxiety and heart diseases can be sorted out with vipassana meditation. To be honest, the type of meditation doesn’t matter, because every meditation is meant to heal.

Don’t know where to start and how to begin with meditation? You’re on the right page. Check out the types of meditations given below!

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation is the oldest form of meditation. It means to see things how they really are. There’s no blindfold. The clouded perceptions flicker off when you practice vipassana meditation. It began 2500 years ago. The mindfulness meditation movement grew its roots in the tradition in the US as well.

The goal of the Vipassana technique is self-transformation. And, everything is done with self-observation. This is with the help of physical sensations in the body. The deep interconnection leads to a balanced mind that’s full of compassion and love. That’s what teachers of the vipassana practice claim.

Vipassana meditation is a 10-day course and students follow a set of rules in the entire course. There are strict rules and regulations you need to abide by. It includes abstaining from stealing, telling lies, sexual activities, killing any species, etc. There are many tips for vipassana meditation that you need to check online.

Metta Meditation

It’s also known as the loving-kindness meditation. It’s a practice that directs wishes towards others. It means blessing others because it’s in giving that you receive. This is also found in vipassana and mindfulness meditation. The recitation of mindful words and phrases is done to evoke warm-hearted feelings.

You can bring other family members and friends to Metta Meditation. It’s also encouraged to visualize the people who have difficulty with them. You can end the metta meditation with the universal mantra. The mantra goes on like this, ‘May all beings everywhere be happy.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra is an ancient word that means wheel. Its origin can be traced back to India. It refers to the spiritual power in our bodies. Chakras are the energy centres of our bodies. Chakra meditation is a relaxation technique that focuses on bringing balance and well-being. Our chakras in the body can be healed with crystals as well. Meditation is another important way to heal all our chakras. That’s how everyone uses chakra meditation for healing themselves.

Which one of the above meditations you’ve practised today? Share your feedback on vipassana meditation and why do you like it. Your feedback matters. You can do so in the comments below!

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