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After you have completed the Tier 1 Islands in Lost Ark, you will be curious as to what awaits you in the game’s subsequent levels. Tier 2 dungeons fill in the gaps in between. This guide will walk you through the best Tier 2 Island Routes and will teach you how to get to these islands on the best possible terms.

When playing Lost Ark Rapport System, what is the best route to take to explore the Tier 2 islands?

Compared to Tier 1 islands, Tier 2 islands have better loot and materials, which can be used to upgrade your equipment. Only the Tier 2 islands will have access to these materials, and they will only be found on these islands. You must complete Yorn’s main story before embarking on the journey to these Tier 2 islands. Make sure you have completed the Tier 1 islands before embarking on this journey. In addition, you should upgrade Rapier so that you can navigate through the deadly waters with relative ease. Listed below is a list of islands you should visit in order to obtain Tier 2 loot, along with a brief description of how to unlock them and what quests you should complete while you are on them.

Aiwana Island is the Lost Ark Tier 2 island

It is Aiwana Island, which is located near the origins of Stern, that is the first island on the list. To get to the Island, you must first travel to the west side of Stern City and complete the purple quest, The Perfect Getaway, before you can proceed to the island. Once you’ve done that, keep going on your quest, and it will eventually lead you to Aiwana Island. Complete all of the quests on Aiwana Island, as well as the hidden quest that you receive by interacting with a box on the island, to earn the achievement. This will provide you with a large amount of Tier 2 materials.

Liebeheim Island is a Lost Ark Lance Master Build Tier 2 island located on the island of the same name
Liebeheim Island, located to the south of North Vern and west of Tortoyk, is the next island on the to-do list. To obtain the Tier 2 items, you must complete all of the quests on the island.

Fomona Island is the Lost Ark gold selling Rapport System Tier 2 island
It is located to the north of East Luterra port on the island of Fomona. The quests on this island are short and can be completed in a short amount of time. Alternatively, you can return to the Island with a different character of a different gender and complete the quests again to receive the Tier 2 rewards a second time.

Skywind Island is a Lost Ark gold selling Tier 2 island located in the Pacific Ocean
Once again, there are plenty of quests to complete in the colors yellow and purple on this island. Many Tier 2 items and materials will award to you as a result of completing these quests. You can look for the Island by typing its name into the Search Bar on the map.

Island of the Lost Ark Lance Master Build Tier 2 – Distorted Island
South Vern is located to the south of Distorted Island, which is located to the north of South Vern. There is an NPC on the island who will give you a purple quest to complete, which you should complete as soon as possible. When you first arrive on the island, follow the path through the woods on your right until you reach the NPC. Throughout the quests, the NPC’s location will change on a regular basis. The final quest will be to complete the Cube, which you will only be able to attempt once you have obtained a ticket. To summarize, save the Cube for when you have a ticket and collect the Tier 2 rewards at the conclusion of each quest.

Hypnos’s Eyes is a Tier 2 island on the Lost Ark
According to our Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes guide, the Hypnos’s Eyes island, which is located southeast of Rohendel, will be the final island we will visit on our journey. When you complete these quests, you will receive a large number of quests and experiences. Playing by the Pirate’s Rules is a Daily Quest that you can complete if you have the appropriate equipment. This will provide you with more Tier 2 materials on a daily basis.

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