Guide For Getting Glasses For Triangular FaceShape

It can be a great fashion accessory to have glasses that suit your face shape. So, if you you have a triangular face shape then it means having a pointed angle on the top of the face and a flat base beneath. The best way to describe this face shape can be related to the shape of tall mountain having a narrow peak.

This shape is also called the base down triangle face shape. To spot a triangle shape face you need to keep an eye on the jawline area. If the jaw seems to appear to be the widest feature in comparison with the cheeks and forehead. Here are 4 ways to figure out a triangle face shape.

Narrow forehead:

Starting from the top of the face, having a narrow forehead is a specialty of people with a triangle-shaped face. It also means that the size of the forehead is smaller compared to the features of other people’s shape of face. The hair line also has to be shaped narrow and check the length between the eyebrows and forehead.

Cheekbones are wide:

People with triangle-shaped facehave wide cheeks that seem to be fuller and round. The cheekbones are symmetrical or a little narrow along the jawline.

The jawlineis broadest:

The jawline is wide and can be identified easily among other features of people with a triangular face that is almost similar to the base of the shape triangle. It is not important to have a broad jaw line that is angular or pointed, it can have a soft and subtle finish.

Flat chin:

Having a base down triangular face shape, the chin turns out to be well rounded or flat. There are no signs of having an angular or pointed chin.

For people with triangular-shaped face eyeglasses with a broad upper part of the frame and a lower part that is narrow are the best option of glasses to have. The important part of the entire frame to be kept in mind is to have the upper part of the glasses be broad and heavier.

You can now get glasses for triangular faces easily online with the help of Banton frames. They make outstanding glasses that are heavyweight, robust, and timelessly stylish. They are made in the UK and offer repair services.

  • Cat-eye glasses:

Cat-eyed glasses are the kind of glasses that does work well for all kinds of faces including triangular-faced women. Extended temples on them compliment the triangular face shape very well.

  • Browline frames:

Frames that have a heavy upper part like the ones found on browline frames with the double bridge are the one that is suitable for men, who have a triangular face.

  • Wider frame:

Glasses that are oversized or have a wide frame can be the best choice to enhance the upper portion of your face. It will take the broadness away from your face and makes it look proportionate.

There are many more options like semi-rim style, oval glasses, and extended upswept that are quite suitable for a rectangular face-shaped person. To get the glasses that suit your face shape and compliments you well.


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