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Google I/O is an annual developer-focused conference held by Google. The event showcases new products and technologies and allows developers to learn more about how to use Google technologies to build better apps. This year, the conference was held on May 17-19 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. There were exciting announcements about new features for Android, Chrome, and other Google products, as well as learn best practices for developing web, mobile, and cloud applications. 

LiveOps open beta

LiveOps are the self-service merchandising units in the Play Store to promote limited-time events, offers, and significant updates for your game or app. Developers in the beta can submit content to help inspire installs, increase engagement, and drive sales.

Also, developers can now use deep links to drop users directly into the most relevant part of their app or game and then measure success with the new LiveOps reporting dashboard in Play Console. The reports give a granular view of the performance metrics of each event, displaying the results over time and by the outcome – whether that’s acquisitions, opens, or updates.

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As per Google’s analysis, for developers using the features, LiveOps drive 5% higher 28-day active users and 4% more revenue.

What type of content can be featured for the app or game?

  • Offers: in-app content discounts, value-add bonuses, or rewards
  • Events: Non-offer, time-limited events happening in your app or game (tournaments, player vs player events, challenges, player vs environment events, or co-op/alliance events (without an offer or reward)
  • Major updates: Significant updates with new gameplay features, content drops, or major in-app products like battle or season passes
  • Pre-registration announcements: Keep pre-registered users excited and informed about fresh content, instant app demos, milestone rewards progress, or global release announcements

Improved custom store listings

A significant update comes from the Custom store listings, making way for a great first impression by displaying the right message to each person. Custom store listings cater to your app’s store listing to specific user segments in the countries you select or users who visit your listing through a unique custom store listing URL.

Also, you can now generate unique deep links to your custom listings and show different listings to users depending on which channel or site they come from. As Play Console provides analytics for each of your custom listings, you can see each variation’s effectiveness and optimize them over time.

Developers can easily create up to 50 custom store listings, allowing the creation of highly tailored narratives for the users more than ever before. With up to 5 experiments per listing, the opportunities for optimization are now enormous! 

New flexible tools to grow your subscriptions

Digital subscriptions are one of the fastest-growing ways developers monetize on Google Play. As the subscription business model evolves, many developers have asked us for more flexibility and less complexity in how they sell subscriptions.

Each basic plan in a subscription defines a different billing period and renewal type. For instance, you can create a subscription with a monthly auto-renewing plan, an annual auto-renewing, and a one-month prepaid plan.

Prepaid plans are an entirely new option giving users access to the benefits for a fixed duration. Users can extend this access by purchasing top-ups in your app or Play Store. Prepaid plans allow reaching users in regions where pay-as-you-go is standard, which includes India and Southeast Asia. They also provide an alternative for users not ready to purchase an auto-renewing subscription. 

A base plan can have multiple offers to support different stages of the subscription lifecycle, whether to acquire new subscribers, incentivize upgrades, or retain existing subscribers. 

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Offers provide a range of pricing and eligibility options. While the base plan contains the price available to all users, it provides alternate pricing to eligible users. You can make offers available everywhere their base plan is open or create offers for specific regions. For example:

  • Acquisition offers allow users to try your subscription for free or at a discounted price.
  • Upgrade and crossgrade offers to incentivize users to benefit from longer billing periods or higher service tiers.
  • Upgrade offers can also help move subscribers from a prepaid plan to an auto-renewing plan.

If you want even more flexibility, create custom offers for which you decide the business logic, such as second-chance free trials or win-back offers for lapsed subscribers.

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