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Who, if not a sous chef, knows a lot about good kitchen utensils? When choosing a gift for a professional. It is important not to make a mistake and buy a high-quality cooking accessory. Or a knife that meets the highest requirements for sharpness and reliability. Fortunately, we know how pleasant it is to surprise even. The most demanding sous-chef and please him with a useful present. Take note of current ideas.

Fish knives for the responsible sous chef.

As a deputy chef in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe. The sous chef must be ready at any moment to pick up. The baton and prepare the most delicious dishes from the menu. Therefore, in his arsenal, there must be a professional blade for cutting and slicing fish and seafood. Models of Damascus knives Damascus1 – Deba, chef’s, Yanagida, santoku – will help to brilliantly cope with this task.

Their main advantage is high carbon steel, hardened to 60 HRC and above. Such a blade keeps an impeccable sharpening for a long time and does not need constant editing. Comfortable ergonomic handles made of processed wood, micarta, composite materials are reliable and hygienic.

Knives for professional cutting of products.

Filigree and thin cutting of meat and fish delicacies, cheese. Mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits are the daily duty of the sous chef. High-quality Damascus knives will help a professional to realize bold ideas and serve incredibly aesthetic dishes to restaurant guests. 

Depending on the specialty of the chef, you can choose universal models like Santoku or Chef. Our highly skilled – sirloin (for meat and fish), Best Nakiri knives (for vegetables), Yanagida (for seafood). The most durable are those made of multilayer Damascus steel with a unique pattern on the blade. They have 3 to 63 layers and serve faithfully for years.

Premium Sharpening Accessories.

A sous chef’s arsenal must-have accessories for quick sharpening of the blade or thorough sharpening. In the intervals between cooking, the blades are quickly straightened. With musats – special rods that level the slightly deformed cutting edge and return it to working capacity. 

When the knife becomes dull, high-quality sharpening on water stones is requir. In compliance with the sharpening angle specified by the manufacturer. Bars of suitable grit and sharpening angle holders will help to implement these tasks. Automatic universal sharpeners or a solid grinder will help the sous chef save time and effort.

Cutting boards – taking care of knives.

Prolonging the life of the cutting edge of the knife and delaying. Sharpening is also helped by properly selecting boards that the sous chef works with. It is known that glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces are “not friendly” with professional knives. They contribute to rapid blunting and even damage.

The classic version – a wooden board is relevant at all times. But a professional deserves better, so the wood must have bactericidal properties, be hygienic and comfortable. Damascus boards fully meet these requirements. Plastic boards are cover with natural mother-of-pearl – they do not absorb odors and do not accumulate dirt. Thermoplastic polyurethane boards – innovations on the market. Such material does not contain hazardous chemical components, there are no cut marks on the surface.

Damascus knives and accessories are a worthy gift option for a sous chef.

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