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All You Need To Know About L-shaped Gaming Desks

Are you searching for an L-shaped gaming desk? You are on a right track because this article will be your last search as you find a list of the best L-shaped gaming computer desk. It does not matter whether you are a Wii, Xbox One, PS4, or PC player, this article meets everyone’s needs. These desks can help you create an impressive gaming play station. Moreover, with the large space they provide, you can use more than one monitor at a time.

For you to have a depth analysis, information was gathered from different sources to make a compact article. You will find everything you are looking for before buying a gaming desk.

Here is the review!

1: Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Gaming Desk

With taking up very little space, this gaming desk is one of the most versatile and compact options on the list. Its versatility lies in its multiple usages such as for gaming, work, homework, or study. Coming to its design, this desk comes with a plate that has perimeter support. Moreover, you can keep your accessories and other things thanks to a retractable tray, a drawer, and a base that accompany this gaming desk. Since this material is high-resistant and MDF wood, it can bestow this table’s durability and stability. That is the reason, despite having a measurement of 90*50*95, the total weight it can bear is up to 100 kg.

Let us now discuss its features, and pros and cons.


  • Wooden surface
  • Black color
  • 57-pound weight
  • Shocks-protective support


  • Compact and versatile
  • 100 kg of loading capacity
  • Multiple-use


  • Not s spacious desk

2: Tribesigns Reversible L Shaped Gaming Desk

If you want to make your gaming station epic, then this gaming desk is a perfect piece for you. Due to its large surface, you can organize things properly on this and have more space. If you choose this table, you can find an impressive option with the right size and many options. That is why if you want a spacious gaming desk where you can set more than one screen easily, you are on a right track.

Let us throw a light on its characteristics, and pros and cons.


  • 54.7 pounds weight
  • Faux marble color
  • 66.14*49.21*29.13 inches of size
  • Quality material with a plastic coating which looks like wood multiple components
  • Assembly time of 1-2 hours


  • Very spacious
  • Versatile and multiple uses
  • Large dimensions
  • Area to keep you gaming and computer accessories


  • Plastic material is not much resistant.

3: VASAGLE L-Shaped Gaming Desk, Corner Desk

For whom modern style is important, the VASAGLE gaming desk is an answer. The square-shaped design of this L-shaped table makes, sure enough, scape for you to place your things. In addition to being spacious, its style and design are also captivating. If we talk about the uses of this table, the most important use of this table is to place the studio’s side on one side and the gamer on the other.

Constructed from veneered with melamine and particleboard, its design allows it to carry and last up to 50 kg weight. On top of that, it comes with a tray that has two shelf-type panels. So, if you want to style your gaming play station, buy this article.


  • 55.1-pound weight
  • Rustic brown color
  • Size of 54.3*54.3*29.5 inches
  • Removable tray for computer keyboard


  • High-quality material with guarantees durability and capacity
  • Versatile use thanks to its square-shaped design
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Spacious


  • Fragile and breakable boards and screws

4: Tribesigns L-Shaped Gaming Desk, Corner Computer Desk

Considering going for more space? Your pick should be Tribesigns L-shaped gaming desk. Due to its making and construction, it stands out from others on the list. Consisting of a cabinet at the bottom, a side tower, and a central table, this gaming table is an ideal option for those who want a large desk.

Not only this, with high-quality materials such as a metal structure and melamine panels, this table can fulfill all the needs a gamer can wish for from a table. Except that, it is easy and simple to put this table together. As far as the style of this table is concerned, it is very attractive and can be placed in either room or office


  • Rustic brown color
  • Size of 66.14*49.21*29.13 inches
  • 53.9 pounds weight
  • Modern design
  • Multiple shelves


  • Industrial-style design
  • High-quality material
  • Versatile use
  • Very spacious
  • Durable


  • Heavier and bulky

5: SHW L-Shaped Gaming Desk

If you are finding a desk that is both simple as well as for different tasks, SHW L-shaped desk is, without a blink of the eye, your option. What you will find here is a simply-designed desk that can meet the requirements of gamers and others. A greater structural strength comes from a solid making in 25 mm wood particles which also has a melamine cover.

On top of that, assembling this table is very easy and does not take long. What else this has is dimensions and a good load capacity.


  • Size of 35.5*22*5.5 inches
  • 38-pound weight
  • White color
  • Very stable and resistant
  • Multiple color options
  • Very elegant design for both work and gaming
  • Adjustable size of the table


  • Very spacious
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Versatility and durability


  • No cons

6: Monarch Specialties L Shaped Gaming Desk

Finding an L-shaped desk for multiple usages is no longer difficult now because of the Monarch Specialties L-shaped desk. It can accommodate all your items such as a computer with a printer and CPU. On one side, it takes up a little space of your room but on the other side, it provides you a good space for your gaming. All this is due to its being compact.

Made of solid wood, you will find its design modern and simple. Moreover, you can move this desk easily in addition to finding a tray to take out the desk. Such is an appeal of this gaming desk.


  • Dark Taupe color
  • 42-pound weight
  • 71*71*30 inches size
  • Small dimensions
  • Good material stand for storing desktop computer and keyboard
  • Moving wheels to place it anywhere


  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Very spacy
  • Solid and durable body
  • Wheels to move it


  • Cannot hold much weight
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