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Your comfort depends on your HVAC machines and you certainly want them to function properly at all times. This is a statement that’s true for anyone, regardless of where they live. Yet, when we are speaking of Houston, Texas, this statement becomes even more powerful, especially since summer is around the corner and all the residents of Texas know just how hot it can get. So, they all know that living without HVAC units would practically be impossible in this area.

If you live in Houston yourself, then you undeniably know what I am talking about. Additionally, you also know that you cannot expect these machines to work around the clock throughout the entire year, and year after year for that matter, without you devoting any kind of attention to it. In different words, experiencing issues with these machines is certainly not uncommon, which is why there are companies such as Westair air conditioning and similar firms that can provide you with fixing services when you end up needing them.

You must have wondered at least once, however, if there was something you can do completely by yourself when your HVAC systems stop working. Well, there are certainly a few things that don’t require the immediate attention of professionals and that you could use in order to get the systems running properly once again. Of course, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should resort to fixing everything alone, but I’ll tell you a bit more about that later on.

Ventilation Issues

How To Troubleshoot & Fix HVAC Issues

As I have mentioned, there are certainly a few things that you can do alone when you encounter issues with your HVAC machines. Let me make it clear, though, that those are usually some minor issues that you can fix alone, and that the more serious one require, well, more serious attention. In any case, here is what you can and should do alone before you start contacting professionals and asking for their help.

  1. Check The Thermostat Settings

The settings on your thermostat need to be changed from season to season regardless of which specific units you are using. Whether you want to warm, cool or ventilate your place, one thing is for sure. The thermostat will play a role in that, and it won’t change all on its own. Instead, you will need to be the one to make the changes, so don’t forget to check the settings before announcing that your HVAC machines don’t work properly.

  1. Check The Breaker

Sometimes, your breaker could be the only thing causing the issues with your HVAC. In short, it might have tripped. This is another problem that you can resolve without anybody’s help, so I advise you to check it before going any further.

The Breaker

  1. Set The Right Temperature

In addition to changing the actual thermostat settings to “cool”, “warm”, “fan” etc., you’ll also have to set the right temperature. If you want to warm the place up, set the temperature a few degrees above room temperature. If you want to cool the place down, well, I guess you know what to do – set it to a few degrees below room temperature.

  1. Clean The Filters

Dirty filters are another common issue that people face with HVAC units. So, before you start contacting the pros, it would be a good idea for you to check and clean the filters if cleaning is necessary. And, it will certainly be necessary most of the times. You can find some more troubleshooting tips on this site.

How To Fix More Serious Problems

As you can see, the issues I’ve mentioned above are all not that complicated and serious, which is precisely why you can fix them alone. When it comes to some more serious problems, though, the right thing to do is hire professionals in Houston to have those problems resolved. Of course, you should be careful when hiring these pros, because you want to choose the ones that are highly experienced, as well as reputable in the area. So, do your research and hire the right company to have your issues resolved.

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