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Freelancing - Gig economy

Freelancing Economy – Is peer-to-peer technology giving engineers more freedom?

Freelancers play an important role in the overall workforce and economy in the UK, as the extraterrestrial sector has grown by 53% since 2008. The trend is likely to continue in the context of the Great Depression: workers are on strike for the first time in history owing to the severity of the pandemic.

Having the ability to swim and work freely has several benefits, especially for engineers. For example, one of the advantages of working as a freelancer is that they have more freedom to choose the type of work they do and are more adaptable to life projects and tasks. Additionally, they keep in close contact with their customers, keeping an eye on ongoing projects as well as part of the corporate machine.

Due to the lack of job security, freelancing continues to be heavily promoted.

The option to spend more time on your work or projects may be free, but it can also lead to periods of drought and therefore frequent revenue. Even though there is no direct manager to report directly to, there is less pressure, and all administrative concerns are handled by one person. Those who work full-time may experience increased stress and feelings of overwork due to these challenges.

How about a different approach?

Shared economy boom

Sharing is not a novelty, but a formalization of the economy.

By sharing goods and services among peers or companies for a fee, the sharing economy disrupts traditional economic channels.

By 2025, the sharing economy is projected to reach $335 billion as a result of Internet-based peer-to-peer platforms that prioritize peer-to-peer health over verticality between customers and businesses.

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The goal of peer-to-peer platforms like eBay’s peer-to-peer concept in the 1990s was to facilitate file sharing and trading between individuals.

Despite becoming a household name, e-commerce pioneer Pierre Omidyar has taken small steps to establish the world’s first online auction site using dot com and the Internet.

Through peer-to-peer services focused on the distribution of services, digitalization is now enabling consumers to move beyond the confines of the platform and extend across the professional space. By using Internet-based platforms, suppliers and consumers can collaborate on projects that benefit both parties.

As engineers open up new and exciting business opportunities in the professional world, they can benefit from expanding the sharing economy.

Different peer-to-peer platforms are becoming more popular in Engineering, mainly because they offer an alternative to enterprise-based or advisory work, along with removing most of the business-related aspects of workplace safety. This approach takes the best of both worlds: it helps engineers earn a decent salary by sharing their knowledge with people in need, and it also develops a portfolio. Not only can these freelancing platforms make the sharing economy successful, but they can also make engineering more efficient.

Taking the traditional work model to the next level

A major trend in which the demands of the world of work are changing. This is the development of engineering-specific peer-to-peer platforms. We had the opportunity to reflect on our work, review our roles, and consider possible alternatives during the pandemic.

It was the first time in UK history that there were more than 1 million vacancies in July, an all-time high. As a consequence, telecommuting rose sharply: 37% of working adults worked from home in 2020. Both of these trends point to the advantages of greater flexibility and freedom in our professional lives. This is what peer platforms provide as well.

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The main complaint I hear from engineers in traditional engineering firms or consulting companies is long work hours, a busy environment, and the lack of holidays. The situation in traditional engineering positions won’t improve as long as the industry supports such a culture, which is why engineers are seeking alternatives.

As a freelance engineer, you can enjoy many benefits, especially for those who are looking for a better work-life balance.

By switching to freelance engineers, you contribute to a new gig economy where workers choose their own schedules and approach work with a much more positive outlook. You can do this with Field Engineer sharing!

The benefits are obvious. Advantages such as being able to choose your hours and taking vacations when it is convenient for you. You can become hyper-specialized through freelancing, looking for assignments in certain subfields that interest you more. You will be able to develop your skills in the direction you prefer.

However, freelancing without the support of a peer-to-peer platform is difficult. By organizing and planning your own projects, you can spend more time on administrative tasks than on actual work. Freelancers often get a bad reputation, but peer-to-peer platforms offer an alternative.

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