Foam Mattress Vs Coir Mattress – What You Need to Know?

Foam Mattress Vs Coir Mattress – What You Need to Know?
Both coir and foam mattress are popular in the market, but the one which is chosen by a majority of the people are foam mattresses. Read on to know about both of them in detail.  Foam Mattresses A foam mattress is generally made either by using a combination of different foams or polyurethane foam. Besides, we have different types of foam mattresses in the market these days. Hence, it can be a little difficult for you to make a choice.  Don’t worry! Here are some important details about different foam types, which can make your job easy. Going through the below-mentioned details will help you in making your choice easily. 
  • Latex foams
If you are in search of an eco-friendly mattress then do choose the latex foam mattresses. Besides, when it comes to latex you will have two options but let’s discuss the Talalay latex and Dunlop latex mattresses first. The main difference between both of them is bounce.  The Talalay foam mattresses generally have more bounce when compared to the Dunlop foam mattresses, which is why most young couples choose Talalay foam mattresses. Talalay mattresses are also very soft and extremely comfortable than the Dunlop foam mattresses. However, when it comes to energy efficiency, the winner is always a Dunlop foam mattress. 
  • Memory Foam
When you choose a memory foam mattress, you will have a lot of choices and some of them include gel memory foam mattress, standard memory foam mattress, open-cell memory foam, etc. The main advantage of choosing memory foam mattresses is that they can reduce your back pain and joint pain in a great way.  If you are looking for cooler options among all the memory foam mattress types then a gel foam mattress would be your perfect choice. The reason behind this is the gel beads are very effective in absorbing the heat generated from your body and keeping you cool.  Even the open cell memory foam mattresses are effective in absorbing the heat, but they are not as effective as the gel memory foam mattresses. 
  • Polyurethane Foam Mattresses
These mattresses are generally referred to as polyurethane foam mattresses. They are generally used in hotels. They are very inexpensive.    Coir Mattresses Coir mattresses are generally made using coconut fiber. Besides, as a mattress cannot be made using the coir alone, a secondary material will also be used. Coir mattresses are of two types and they are rubberized coir mattresses and hybrid coir mattresses.  These rubberized mattresses are a combination of coir and latex mattresses. They also offer little bounce as well. When it comes to hybrid mattresses along with coir, adjustable foam (several layers) is used.  They are a good choice to rest your body on them. Experts say that sleeping on this type of mattress can benefit your health in many ways. However, they are uneven in texture, due to which you may experience body aches. Coir mattresses are less durable when compared to foam mattresses. Coir mattresses or hybrids are a good choice for the summer season.  What to consider when buying a mattress? With increased options, it can be confusing for any individual to make a choice. However, considering the following things can make your job easy. 
  • Reputed Brand – Choose a reputed brand always if you are looking for high-quality mattresses. You can take the help of sites online to find the list of reputed brands in your location within no time. 
  • Customer Reviews – Check the customer reviews online to find the best quality mattress. 
  • Ask for Suggestions – You can also take some suggestions from your friends as well to find the best mattress.
  • Compare Price – Last but not least compare the prices of different mattresses, keeping their properties in view, and decide which one you want to buy. Remember, mattress size determine how much you can expect to pay.
To find the best hybrid mattress to buy, online shopping is highly recommended. The main advantage of online shopping is you will have more options, and you will get the delivery to your doorstep. As it is not safe to step out of your home during this pandemic, do you’re shopping online, and you will not be disappointed. 
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