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The GoPro action camera is very fond of action Camera flashlight because it was originally conceived as a camera for filming in the daytime. Despite the fact that the new models have added a night shooting mode, it is assumed that it will still take place not in complete darkness, but in the presence of light sources.

If you want to shoot a professional video with an action camera, you need good use for action Camera flashlight. The first rule of photography is that the more frames per second you plan to shoot, the more light your camera will need. In low light, the recommended frame rate for shooting is no more than 30 frames per second. Of course, with such a frequency, there can be no question of any slowmotion. What to do? Use additional lighting, such as a flashlight. It will help not only improve the quality of your video on a dark evening, but also add color and clarity to underwater shooting without the use of filters.

Flashlight SP Connect All-Round LED Light 200.

This is a flashlight of the popular brand SP Gadget, which produces accessories for the GoPro action camera, which are not inferior in quality to the original ones. The lantern is very simple. It has three LEDs that give a white light with a power of 200 lumens. However, it has enough power to improve the quality of shooting on the GoPro in the dark and illuminate. The road during a late bike ride. The extra light from the SP Connect All-Round in night mode will help the camera reduce noise in the video and make the picture clearer.

The flashlight has a miniature size and weight of 45 grams, a special fastening lock suitable for a whole line of gadgets developed by SP Gadget for people leading an active lifestyle, and is also compatible with GoPro mounts. The flashlight is charged from a PC via a USB connector in just 30 minutes. It has 4 modes of operation, including a flickering mode. Duration of work – up to 8 hours.

The lantern is equipped with three LEDs lights that provide natural light with a power of 225 lumens. Thanks to the structure of the mount and the soft light that gives the skin natural color, it will become an indispensable tool for capturing high-quality selfies. The aluminum body of the Led Light Kit provides a lightweight camera accessory and solid construction. The ability to select one of three brightness modes will help to avoid oversaturation of light and the appearance of highlights in the video. At maximum brightness, the duration of the flashlight is 35 minutes.

Lantern for GoPro Manfrotto MLOFFROAD has a stylish design and good functionality. The special design of the mounting bracket to the camera will allow you to adjust the direction of the light stream, nicely improving the quality of photos and videos on GoPro.

And now let’s talk about flashlights with more power, waterproof and capable of illuminating the depths of the sea.

In our opinion, there are two most interesting accessories. Lantern of the famous firm knog – LED Knog Qudos Action Light Lantern.

This lantern immediately looks impressive. It has a waterproof flashlight and shockproof housing. Its power is several times higher than those discussed above and is 600 lumens. This is not surprising, because he has to illuminate the underwater depths. By the way, it can be used at a depth of up to 40 m. The flashlight has three brightness modes. (100%, 50% and 25%) plus two flashing modes, uniform flashing and SOS mode.

Which the flashlight works a little less than a day. Returning to the brightness modes, it is worth mentioning. That in a small room without other light sources, a 25% power mode is quite enough for video shooting. The range of this mode on the street is about 3-5 meters. If you want to shoot at longer distances or in a larger room, select the 50% mode. We also recommend shooting selfies at night with a power of 25%. The action camera flashlight is fully charged within 2 hours, At maximum power, the battery lasts for 1.5 hours. On the back wall, the flashlight has a battery level indicator that will tell you when to connect the device to power.

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