Five Steps to Surviving Your Office Renovation

An office renovation project can be a time of great upheaval and it might be very difficult to get through those trying days. For example, important files may be missing, and then people keep getting lost since offices have been shifted and they fail to log in on time. Add to that the fact that there are workstations that don’t start properly. 

All of this holds especially true since everyone is pretty much in the same boat and space is at a premium, at least until the renovation work is complete. However, you don’t have to go through all this hassle. As they say, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Now, you can make the most of your office renovation project by following these five simple steps:

  • Plan the whole renovation project in a stage-wise manner

If you try to gut the whole place without any plan, you will be in big trouble as office work will be severely disrupted. This is why it is very important that you plan a massive and extensive renovation project by dividing it into several small projects that you can handle in stages. Here, you will have to understand that working in the office and carrying out day-to-day activities will just simply not be possible while the renovation work is going on. 

There will be too much dust, noise, and other disturbances. Under the circumstances, it is important to inform the employees about the work being done so that they will be aware of just what is in store for them. You should try to limit the annoyance by closing the areas that are being renovated so that it would be business as usual in other areas. 

  • Take care of HVAC equipment

You should take into very careful consideration the installation and maintenance of your sensitive and delicate HVAC equipment during the whole office renovation project. This is because your employees will want to work in a climate control atmosphere. With the noise, the dust, and the fumes, the last thing they would want is to work in a stifling environment devoid of heat or warmth. In fact, not giving priority to your HVAC and related equipment such as ducts and piping might actually end up leading to a higher turnover rate for your staff members.  

  • Go for a hybrid work model

This model became very popular during the COVID 19 pandemic. You can rotate your workforce so that some of them will be able to work from home (WFH) while others will be coming to work on a regular basis. This way, you will curtail the impact of the office renovation project. One by one as offices become fully renovated, you can ask the staff to rejoin the workplace and the others will be given the opportunity to work from home. This will minimize the pain and the disruption to a significant degree for all of your staff members.

  • Continue to keep track of all of your office renovations 

There is no doubt that the renovation schedule that you follow will have a clear and direct impact on each and every aspect of your business. You will have to ensure that your renovation contractors are working as per schedule. That is, they will always work as per their given deadlines and are always punctual while on the job. You will have to keep an eye out to see that all the workers committed to the projects are working and no one has gone off to take on other projects without completing your own.  Your contract should include multiple milestones. 

  • Give priority to your employee

 While your first instinct might be to keep the office open and functional, this might not be the best approach. Making employees come to the workplace only to listen to the din of hammers and to inhale paint fumes will lead to a decrease in morale. You might have to close the place down for a few days, at least until the heavy work is complete. You can search for coworking spaces to send your team to until the office is renovated.

  • Conclusion

If you have to renovate your office, make sure that you take care of your HVAC equipment first. This way, your employees will be able to work in a comfortable environment. You may even consider a hybrid model for the duration of the project.  


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