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Review and advantages of using it

Every day, we are bombarded with a large amount of data. Friendship photos, professional documents, personal notes, and more are all available. All of this demands daily storage on servers or personal computers. Documents and data were previously stored on portable media such as floppy discs, DVDs, and flash drives. However, we all recognise that this is a risky method of saving. A flash drive can be misplaced, and a disc can be scratched or shattered. Computers do not provide 100 percent security because they can ” fail ” at any time, resulting in the loss of irreplaceable images or vital files.

The cloud is a fantastic alternative to traditional storage medium. Fex.Net is one of these file-sharing services. This one-of-a-kind service was created in 2017. It allows you to save and exchange materials with other users. Photos, audio, video, and numerous applications are available through the service. Everyone can create folders within the storage and arrange files into categories for convenience.

How to use FEX.NET

Many people refuse to use cloud storage because they don’t know how to use it. It’s absolutely different with FEX.NET. Everyone will be able to grasp and rapidly learn how to work with hosting thanks to the attractive design and accessible, straightforward interface. To use the file sharing service, just follow these simple instructions:

  • download the application in Play Market or AppStore;
  • register;
  • choose a tariff.

There may be some doubts about the last point – which one to choose? It all depends on how long the user expects to spend working with the programme. A new participant is eligible for a free 7-day trial. Anyone who wants to figure out if the service is right for him is provided this time. Following that, the plan is determined by the consumer’s goals – it might be monthly or yearly. The price of the plan is also determined by how long it lasts.

Advantages of FEX.NET

There are several file sharing services to suit all interests and budgets, so everyone may find something suitable. FEX.NET is becoming increasingly popular among users. New customers notice a variety of advantages over competing cloud storage services, including the following:

  • Quick file transmission (sending a photo or video to another user takes only a few seconds); easy and pleasant functionality (everything is available on an intuitive level; management is done in a few clicks);
  • dependable storage (in the event of a server failure, a backup will prevent your data from being lost or permanently erased);
  • a reasonable price (the service is available at monthly and annual tariffs, and everyone can choose a plan based on his own needs).

The universal accessibility of the FEX.NET storage solution is one of its major features. You don’t have to look for a file on your computer in order to download it.

Mobile application FEX.NET

Installing a mobile application, which is accessible in the Play Market and AppStore, on any smartphone allows users to access photos, videos, audio, and other documents at any time. There’s no need to transfer files to a PC; simply drag and drop them from the phone’s internal memory to the storage. The user does not require Internet connectivity to manage the files because the application works fine in offline mode.

You can access the storage from your smartphone or computer. You can also get the app for your Smart-TV. The user will be able to access his personal account and view the essential files after pairing and authorization. It’s vital to keep in mind that this software is primarily intended for seeing images and videos as well as listening to music. It won’t let you open a text document, a table, or a database.


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