Features of Laravel

Features of Laravel

PHP – Hypertext Processor is one of the oldest yet most reliable open-source scripting languages. Like all scripting languages, it is interpreted at runtime. These scripts are meant to enhance your overall app’s performance or conduct routine tasks. PHP is a server-side scripting language interpreted on the server, compared to JavaScript, a client-side script interpreted on the client’s browser.

Like many modern web-app frameworks based on JavaScript programming languages, there are many web development frameworks based on PHP scripting language. One of these many PHP-based frameworks widely used to develop scalable, secure and robust web applications is Laravel. Laravel is a feature-packed popular framework with a properly defined toolbox with the necessary tools, packages and other important assets to help developers write fewer lines of code while reducing the chances of errors.

Benefits of using Laravel

Before we discuss the many features of Laravel, we should first take a look at the various benefits of using Laravel to power the backend of your web app project –

Smoother Authentication

Implementing authentication in Laravel is easier than in most frameworks since Laravel is rightly configured for establishing an efficient authorization logic and the required control access to various resources.


Laravel is open-source, so technically, there is no cost associated with using this framework; however you might need to hire Laravel developers to help you set up your Laravel-based web app solutions, but if you hire them from a reputed IT company from India, you could avail them at cost-effective rates. Moreover, the overall maintenance and build time of Laravel-based apps are lesser than most other frameworks making it one of the most economical and potential contenders to power your web app’s backend.

Quick and Easy to Use

Laravel is not only famous for its impressive list of features but it is also loved in the developer’s community because while providing the tools for conducting complicated operations, it is still one of the easiest development frameworks to learn and use. In addition, it comes with a wide variety of built-in templates, many third-party tools and packages to reduce boilerplate code and make the development process a breeze for experienced Laravel developers.

Highly Secure

Laravel is the ideal framework to choose if you are developing an app solution that requires users to fill in information about their financial, personal and other sensitive data points that must be protected against security vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Flexible Third-Party Integrations

Any web app solution requires some or the other kind of third-party solutions or extensions to deliver an easy-to-use and seamless user experience to their users. For instance, if you are building an ecommerce website, you would need to ensure it can be integrated with popular payment services like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and more. Laravel is one of the most flexible frameworks that can support a number of third-party integrations. You should hire dedicated developers from a trusted IT company who have experience in integrating Laravel with modern frontend frameworks and other libraries.

Top Features of Laravel PHP Framework

Now that we are clear on how to use Laravel, we should discuss some of the top features it offers and how it helps power your web app to give you an edge over your competitors and deliver the best user experience to your visitors.

1. Lightweight Templates with its Innovative Template Engine

Laravel is widely popular for its built-in template engine, enabling developers to use lightweight templates to create appealing layouts by leveraging dynamic content seeding. Many widgets are made available by combining JS and CSS code with robust structures. Laravel can be used for developing simple as well as complex layouts with well-defined sections.

2. Eloquent ORM

Laravel comes with Eloquent Object Relational Mapping that includes a basic PHP Active Record Implementation. Due to this, PHP developers can write database queries using PHP syntax instead of having to write SQL code.

3. Laravel Artisan 

Laravel has an inbuilt command-line tool named Artisan that can be used for automating most mundane and repetitive coding tasks. Moreover, it can also be used for creating skeleton code, overall database structure, and many other tasks. It is used to create basic MVC files via a command line and manage those assets with their configurations. Laravel developers can also add their commands as per their needs.

4. MVC Architecture

Laravel comes with support for Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern that separates presentational layers and business logic. In addition, it provides many in-built functions that improve your web app project’s security, performance and scalability.

5. Libraries & Modular

Laravel has preinstalled object-oriented and modular libraries that most PHP frameworks don’t provide. As we discussed above, Laravel has a built-in Authentication library that makes implementing authentication a cakewalk in Laravel. In addition, there are security features like CSRF, Bcrypt hashing and much more.

6. Security Features

Laravel allows developers to use salted and hashed password mechanisms, ensuring passwords aren’t saved in plain text formats in the user database. Moreover, it uses the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm for creating encrypted passwords. Its many dedicated and robust security features make it one of the most reliable, safe and secure web app frameworks.

7. Database Migration System via PHP Code

Laravel has a migration system that is useful in expanding the web app database structure without recreating it every time any other alteration is made to the code. This reduces data loss risk significantly.

8. Effective Unit Testing

A framework without proper unit testing features should be avoided if you can use a robust framework with effective unit testing features. And Laravel is the exact framework that makes unit testing effortless. You can run multiple unit tests to ensure how any new changes made to your Laravel app impact the web application without breaking the web app in any way. It makes it almost effortless for Laravel developers to write well-defined and efficient unit tests.

9. Well Documented and Useful Tutorials

The laravel community and the Laravel team are very active in providing useful and easy-to-understand tutorials for budding Laravel developers or even experienced ones to understand how Laravel works. In addition, they have an official community called Laracasts that has some brilliantly documented tutorials. There are also many other third-party Laravel forums and community platforms; hence getting stuck with any Laravel development aspect is rare, making it reliable.

Final Words

These are the top features of the Laravel PHP framework that make it worthy of consideration to power your modern web apps and SPAs. These Laravel features have helped the Laravel community explore, experiment and create modules that fit their unique requirements. Such an open-source approach guarantees that Laravel will only grow bigger with more and more practical and usable functionalities for many different kinds of projects.

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