Farm Town Games: Definition, How to Play, and Game Controls

Game Farm Town is one of the games recently released by This game includes educational games that help children learn about the world of agriculture.

So, what is a Farm Town Game? What are the instructions to play this game? Is this game kid-friendly?

Want to know the answer? For that, let’s see a full explanation of the educational game in the following review.

What is a Farm Town game?

Farm Town Game is a game for children that involves elements of agriculture in it. With this game, they will be given knowledge about what objects are used when they are on the farm.

How to Play

To run this game, it needs to be done in several stages, as follows:

1. Open this game on your device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

2. Next, a Welcome Screen will open and click play to start this game.

3. If you are confused with this game, you can click the Help menu to view the game instructions.

4. If you want to use the game in Indonesian, then click the dropdown menu in the lower left corner.

5. When you or your child play this game, the score will be saved automatically.

Game Control

This game can be controlled via computer screens and android phones that have a touch screen. If using a computer or desktop, then you can use the mouse and left click to control this game. Meanwhile, you can also use your finger for more practical touch screen devices.

Cooking Equipment Upgrade

There are several equipment that can be used in cooking game sessions, including:

1. Stirrer, needed in level 2 game and used to turn grains into flour dough.

2. Vegetable cutter, required in the game level 4 to turn vegetables into salads.

3. Oven, required at game level 5 to turn pies and salads into pizza. In addition, the oven is also used to turn salads, noodles and sauces into pasta dishes.

4. Cutting board, required at level 10 to turn meat into cutlets.

5. Grinder, required at level 11 to turn flour dough into noodles and turn meat into sausages.

Food and Capacity Upgrades

There are several food ingredients needed for upgrading food production, including:

1. Vegetables, with a price of 100 gold required at game level 3 to grow vegetables.

2. Meat, with a price of 200 gold required at game level 10 so that players can get pork.

3. Confinement, with a price of 100 gold that can be used for the next game level so that players can raise 2 pigs.

4. Truck space, priced at 200 gold and used for higher games to increase the truck capacity to 10 items.

5. Refrigerator space, with a price of 200 gold and can be used at certain higher levels so that the capacity of the refrigerator can fit 16 items.

Target Users and Security Guarantee

This game is very suitable for children who like the type of farming simulation games. Besides that, you also don’t have to worry when your kids play this game. This is because this game is a child-friendly game and is free from adult content elements.

Thus the explanation of the Farm Town Game along with the instructions for the game. Come on, try this educational game to train children’s brain intelligence.

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