Facing Issues in Buying the First Pair of Eyeglasses? Here Are Some Tips to Follow

Facing Issues in Buying the First Pair of Eyeglasses? Here Are Some Tips to Follow

Buying the first pair of eyeglasses is quite a knotty process as one must have in-depth knowledge to make the right purchasing decision. We all need assistance to ensure that we are purchasing suitable eyeglasses. So, what should be the right way to address this problem? Please put your mind at ease; we are here to help you by demystifying the best tips for buying eyeglasses. Majority of people; however, face massive troubles while purchasing it, which is explained below: 

  • Glasses cost an arm & a leg: The expense of buying the prescribed glasses is the major problem. 
  • Investment of huge time: Getting hands on the perfect pair of glasses is time-consuming.
  • Selecting the right Frame is confusing: There is enormous confusion in choosing the right style of glasses, like what would be the best fitted bi-focal or multifocal lenses. 

Put your mind at ease as Lenkart knows all the ins and outs of the glasses guide and have stocked up the numerous kind of glasses. We ensure that this write-up will help you in making the right purchase. You can also contact Lenskart to buy the big frame glasses

After going through this article, you can easily overcome your issues immediately. In addition, you’ll come to know how to prepare eyeglasses at affordable prices. 

Let’s check out the five best outlined handy tips to make the right purchase of glasses. 

  1. Up-to-date prescription: One should always wear the eyeglasses of up-to-the-date prescription. For this, you should have regular checkups to ensure that your prescription eyeglasses are accurate. While going through your prescriptions, you’ll encounter the following terms: 
  • The OS (Oculus Sinister) is highlighting towards the left eye.
  • OD (Oculus Dexter) is highlighted towards the right eye.
  • ADD (for bifocals): ADD is called ADD when there is added magnifying power to the bottom part of the multifocal lenses to address the farsightedness(presbyopia). 
  • Sphere (SPH): It refers to the power of the lens prescribed by the doctor to correct the farsightedness or nearsightedness. 
  • Cylinder (CYL): It refers to the power of the lens for the curvature of the lenses( astigmatism)
  • Axis refers to the cylindrical power’s positioning on the lenses, which is needed for astigmatism. 

2. Choosing the Right Frame Size: One can easily order the perfect fitting prescription glasses if they know the perfect frame size. Now, there are only three factors affecting the frame selection for eyeglasses. Here are the three main factors explained below: 

  • Eye Glasses that Enhance Your Personality: Selecting suitable eyeglasses gives you many benefits beyond concise vision. It’ll enhance your overall look and makes your personality unique. This way, you can have a balanced appearance of your face and a better contrast aligning with your face. 
  • The Frame should fit the Personality Style: One should select the Frame based on personal and professional requirements. 
  • Frame Style for a Serious Business Man: A business person should stick to the conservative shapes and colors. Choosing classic shapes like rectangles, almonds, and oval shapes is considered best to enhance the professional image. 
  • Frame Style for Creative Professionals: To look creative and professional, one should put modern shaped eyeglasses like geometric designs in metallic and plastic frames. You can also try on the colors like green, purple and blue. Besides, vintage styles and aviator-shaped glasses also suit the best to look more professional. 
  • Type of Frame for the Students: Students should buy bright colors and large glasses. You can also experience geeky and modern frames embodying lots of colors. 
  • Frame Guide for the Parents: Being a parent, you can choose a basic but stylish pair of eyeglasses. You can try the soft cat-eye, ovals, and upswept rectangle shapes, which look functional. So, the darker colors such as black, green, and deep red work the best and provide uniqueness and stylishness to your Frame.
  • Purchasing the Right Size: There should be proper positioning of glasses; however, they should be right in front of your eyes. That’s the primary reason for most people. In simple terms, the size and shape of the eyeglasses should match perfectly with the face’s proportion. You can also buy eyeglass lenses rather than glasses. 

3. Purchasing the Right Frames: While buying the frames, ensure you try the different frames to get your hands on the best ones. You can also reach out to Lenskart, which offers you a 3d try-on to get the perfect fit. Here, you can also browse various big frame glasses available with them. 

4. Always Buy More Than One Pair of Eyeglasses: Consider buying two pairs of eyeglasses to ensure that you won’t have issues in an emergency. Besides, you can use another different purchased frame for the parties and other events.

5. Use Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning & Protective Case for Keeping: The eyeglasses should be stored in a sturdy hard case. Ensure you regularly clean your glasses with a soft microfiber cloth for clear visibility. Moreover, you can also buy a glass solution to clean it precisely.


In the above-manner, one can easily buy the perfect pair of eyeglasses that enhances their personality. In addition to the above tips, ensure that you choose a renowned and reliable eyewear brand like Lenskart. We provide the prescribed big frame glasses and eyeglass lenses at guaranteed affordable prices.

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